Growing in the Joy of Generosity

giving tree

 With Hearts on Fire

Lord Jesus Christ,
with hearts on fire we welcome You.
You approach us and walk with us.
Remove all that restrains us from
recognizing You;
and whatever stops us frm putting
aside everything else to follow You.

Open the Scriptures to us.
Teach us to know You and to see You and to
hear You
in the assembly of the Baptized,
in the ministries of the Church,
in the proclamation of the Word,
and in the Breaking of the Bread.

School us in the ways of the Gospel.
Coach us in the ways of Christian Stewardship.
Show us how to use wisely the belssings
given to us.
Show us how to take good care of those
whose happiness
and well-being you have entrusted to us.

Bless our lively exchange as we discuss all that
has happened,
and as we continue to dream of all that might be.
Astonish us, when we have little sense
and are so slow to believe the prophets.

Encourage us, when we are overwhelmed.
Strengthen us, when we are so easily frightened.
Challenge our complacency and our temptation to quit.
Stir the embers that have grown cold.
And more than anything else, stay with us, Lord.

For the kingdom and the power and the
glory are Yours,
now and forever. Amen.

Rev. Tim Piasecki, Diocese of Rockford, Illinois