The Sacred Triduum

My apologies for being unable to find either clarity of mind, or time, to write to you in this Pastor’s Corner the past two weeks. I had been caught off guard with being told on Friday afternoon, April 5, that I should make plans for accepting retirement and stepping down as pastor of Mary, Queen…


Silence can no longer be an option

There has been a tremendous amount of obfuscation (confusion and deception) and deterioration taking place in the secular culture, as well as in our Catholic Church, today, regarding homosexuality, lesbianism, and so-called transgenderism. And yet, going almost unnoticed and unattended to, has been the rampant infusion of LGBTQ propaganda to the children in our public…


Keep Showing That Truth

Although I was called away for a family funeral, several weeks ago, I was privileged to be asked to invite several of our “respect life” parishioners, to join me at a February 28th preview of the new movie: “UNPLANNED”.. And, all of them have related to me that this film moved them emotionally, far beyond…