God’s Word is an expression of His mercy

Last week, we addressed the wide-spread errors and outright prevarication (lies) that have been spread by LGBT activists, that veritably contradict the scientific facts regarding the unfortunate mental confusion brought on by a condition entitled “gender dysphoria.” While, perhaps, not a pleasant subject to consider, I draw our attention to it because of the great…


The One, True Catholic Faith

The Summer season has been officially launched with the celebration of our Declaration of Independence Day. And, as mentioned last week in this “Corner”, much more than our Independence was declared, fought for, and defended with the patriotic blood of our forefathers. And one of those “much mores” was the freedom to profess and practice…



Have you thought about going to Adoration, but were hesitant to make a commitment? Now is your chance to sign up for one hour this Friday or Saturday. Spend time with our Lord and realize the spiritual graces that He has waiting…