Courageous Living

The central message of this Sunday’s readings is that we are meant to courageously speak out and live out our religious convictions and principles in our lives. That is what Jeremiah did, what Paul did, and what Jesus did. And we are also called to do that…even if our doing so should result in some…


Building a Society of Adorers

We are in the process of finishing our St. John Paul II, Totus Tuus Marian Chapel. The Vigil Light that was sent off to have the plating corrected to a true golden finish, complementing our beautiful Tabernacle, will be reinstalled. The Bust of John Paul II, that is being temporarily displayed on a table, and…


Papal Opinions

I read a great editorial in the Our Sunday Visitor weekly newspaper that I felt succinctly addressed some current concerns among attentive Catholics seeking clarity regarding the many candid papal opinions that have arisen in news interviews. I found it quite timely and helpful, and would like to share it with you. It’s been three years since…