Have you thought about going to Adoration, but were hesitant to make a commitment? Now is your chance to sign up for one hour this Friday or Saturday. Spend time with our Lord and realize the spiritual graces that He has waiting…


Fortnight for Freedom

For 12 days now we have been praying, as a parish (and as individuals at home), for the Protection of our Religious Freedom. This prayerful “Fortnight for Freedom” will end in two days when we celebrate Independence Day, the Fourth of July holiday which marks our forefathers declaring our freedom from the then dictatorial and oppressive…


Sacred Spaces

Some weeks ago we began providing explanations, definitions, and clarifications regarding the various spaces and elements of our church. We last explained the Ambo, the Celebrants Chair, Images and Statues, Relics, and the Baptismal Font. We will wrap up today with explanations of the Altar Rails, Easter Candle, Sacristy, Stations of the Cross, the Ambry…