Saved by the King of the Jews

The Gospel for this Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time relates a clarifying message from Jesus, presented in a quite subtle way for His Disciples to learn from. The Jewish people were deemed to be God’s Chosen People and this resulted in the very polarized Jew and Gentile world in which Jesus grew up. For a…


Respectful Attention to the Real Presence

Last week in this “Corner” I gave a brief description and profile of the Saints that are represented by our new statues. The new crucifix for the Totus Tuus was put in place this past week and, very briefly, this image is representative of the “Agonizing Christ”. I mention this because most crucifixes have the…


Our Seven Statues

August has arrived, and the beginning of the new school year is upon us. We have been hearing a lot about nature in our Scriptural readings and Gospels about seeds, plants, their growing and their harvesting. Well, this summer has provided ample moisture from above which has nourished our landscape and plantings, and I dare…