Altar-serversAltar Servers assist priests, deacons and other ministers in the celebration of the Mass and other liturgies. This ministry provides an opportunity to enter deeply into the mystery of the Eucharist with reverence, dignity and love.

Parish boys and girls, to be eligible, must be at least seven years old, have received their First Holy Communion and have parental permission. The family is to be registered members of the parish.

Training is held in the fall of the year, usually in October. This training is a series of lessons designed to give each new server a solid foundation to build upon during their years of service. This is followed by walk-through exercises with experienced servers to help build the confidence of each new server.

We are currently seeking someone to serve as head of the Altar Server Ministry. This involves training the youth and scheduling for all Masses, including special events. Please contact the Parish Office, (904) 777-3168, for more information.