Lean on the Holy Spirit

Our Easter Season celebration winds down now, as we celebrate this final, seventh week, of Easter, looking ahead to the great celebration of Pentecost and the arrival of the promised Advocate…the descent of the Holy Spirit. Today also marks the start of celebrating my final month as pastor of our parish. In reflecting on what exactly I should write about in these final weeks, it struck me that I should celebrate the fond memories I have of all of you, and the challenges and great joys that we have encountered together. The Ascension of Our Lord provides an excellent example of this.

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord, when Our Lord left His disciples and returned to Heaven. I am sure they must have hated to see Our Lord leave, but they also knew He had made a promise that the Holy Spirit would come to enlighten and strengthen them. And, they knew that a promise made by someone who rose from the dead had to be reliable! And, yes…the promised Holy Spirit did arrive, which we will celebrate next week on the Feast of Pentecost. So, celebrate and remember…we will.

 A current, intricate and time-sensitive project has been completing the final design, construction and installation of our parish Memorial Recognition Wall. This will be a series of three large plaques affixed to the Wall in the church narthax which will recognize the many contributors to the New Church Building Campaign and Building Fund, as well as those who contributed the many expensive elements that have embellished our beautiful church… like the Organ, Stained Glass Windows, the Tabernacle, the Altar Rails, the Carillon and Statues…just to name a few. A trial (in-process) paper rendering has been on the wall of the Narthax for the past few weeks. It contains fictitious names that are there currently only to provide a visual perception of how it will all look, and whether it will need to be amended. We will shortly put up a sample with the real names, which we will urge you to scrutinize for your information’s presence and accuracy.

If you have been considering sponsoring or gifting a Church Element or Fixture, please call the parish office, (or myself at 248-770-8806) before June 7th, and we can provide you with a list of Church Elements and fixtures that are still available for you to underwrite as your gift to Mary, Queen of Heaven Church. Any gift can be made “in memoriam” for a loved one as well.

Let’s reflect back on our faith and our peace, both important elements of today’s Scripture Readings. In the First reading from the Acts of the Apostles, the angels in white garments chided the Apostles for continuing to look up at the sky, long after Jesus had ascended out of sight. They are reminded that He will return, just as He said He would, at the end of time. How about us today? Certainly, as I have heard it suggested, there is something very peaceful and soul-relaxing, gazing into a peaceful blue sky that is adorned with fluffy white clouds.

 But we, as committed Catholic Christians, have also been given a commission (a “work-order” if you will) by Our Lord, prior to His departure. It is not as “soul-relaxing” when we take up that task, of evangelizing, praying for and saving souls. When we gaze and focus attentively, rather, at this blood-stained earth and expansion of evil throughout the world (including Holy Mother Church) there is a lot we can contribute towards delivering us and our Church from this evil. Let us respond to the call to lean on our Advocate (the Holy Spirit) to: Enlighten us as to what is really the Truth regarding the spread of the many deceptive evils; to Guide us as to what we can and should do (silence is never the answer); to Strengthen us as we undertake these difficult tasks of calling others to accountability and defense of our Catholic Doctrine and Faith; and to Console us when the  trials and errors of these evils hit close to home. Remember to turn to this Advocate sent by Christ, every single day of your life. Let none of us waste His most powerful support of all our Faithful endeavors.

And let us also not forget, that prior to His amazing Ascension, prior to His promise of the Advocate, He instituted and promised that His Real Presence in the Eucharist will also remain with us until He returns. Do you believe? Have you given thought to spending an hour with Him in prayer and reflection? Please do! You will never regret that spiritually productive time spent with your God, I promise you that!

A reminder in that regard, please join me, Carole Borz, and our Adoration Guild team, this Sunday evening for our Presence, Adoration Seminar in Haryasz Hall from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. I hope to see and visit with you there.

Yours in adoration of His Real Presence,