Silence can no longer be an option

There has been a tremendous amount of obfuscation (confusion and deception) and deterioration taking place in the secular culture, as well as in our Catholic Church, today, regarding homosexuality, lesbianism, and so-called transgenderism. And yet, going almost unnoticed and unattended to, has been the rampant infusion of LGBTQ propaganda to the children in our public schools. And this occurring on top of the Planned Parenthood curriculum that has surreptitiously been, for years now, promoted in the public-school systems throughout the country…beginning as early as the fifth grade.

I have had more than a dozen parents in the past year and a half, come to me, asking what to say to their school child, who has presented one of these dilemmas to them. A confusion arises in them that they may be same-sex attracted or are confused and suffering from some degree of gender dysphoria (gender dysphoria being the proper medical term for feeling discomfort with one’s innate, God-given female or male gender). To help counteract this void of knowledge I want to share some information I just came across, compiled by Life Site International that reveals the subterfuge and infiltration of the LGBTQ agenda into our public schools, and also recommend an excellent book that provides knowledge and answers for parents.

What do we need to be aware of today? To answer that, I want to share with you information from an article that appeared today on the Life site News website today, written by Linda Harvey, President of “Mission America”. —————————-
“If two middle school girls “date,” that’s to be considered normal didn’t you know? Boys in girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and showers is also a “right,” and anyone who objects is a racist.

“But bathroom privacy has nothing to do with race,” you logically reply. And that’s where understanding dawns. The “LGBTQ” agenda that is being sold to children via deviant, negligent, and cowardly schools is all about concocting mindless myths. It’s pure propaganda with no basis in fact or logic, so why do it? Why? Because it’s the avenue for fostering sexual permissiveness as a societal change agent using children as guinea pigs. Cooperative public schools are the sites of this corruption.

If we look at how the left behaves, there is no god in America today. Other than sexual sin. And the “LGBTQ” movement is its prophet. And so here they come with their annual “Day of Silence” (DOS) in public schools, one of their useful weapons in the war on children. Some other ‘weapons’ include: genderless “pronouns” as a battlefield; schools secretly colluding with deeply disturbed children behind parents’ backs; and even teachers encouraging students to join private “gay” clubs on Instagram, without parental knowledge. This is what “social justice” looks like in some American schools. And, if you object…you are a “bully.” But like many of you, I am not buying it.

The “Day of Silence” in 2019 has been set for Friday, April 12, and it’s time, parents, to find out if, and how, it will be observed at your child’s school. If it is, you can count on a flood of propaganda selling “LGBT” identities to children under the pretense of preventing bullying. It’s an event created by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN, which is a homosexual group, and the whole thing is a scam to promote homosexuality and gender confusion to impressionable children — the younger, the better.

Here’s how the bullying story goes. We are told that people who claim a homosexual or opposite-sex identity — which no one really needs to do (please always keep that in mind) — are relentlessly bullied, are perennial victims, and are being “silenced” everywhere. Really, where and when have homosexuals and their allies been “silent” lately? If only!

Certainly, some of these folks are bullied, and that is never acceptable. But the exaggeration of the phony narrative continues. The DOS-supporters will claim that all who object to these harmful behaviors are part of the bullying problem, which is quite a stretch relative to the actual facts.
Any person can object to high-risk “LGBTQ” behavior but also never bully anyone. And of course, faithful Christians believe the Word of God, and so we know that this behavior is wrong. So, the Day of Silence is an event that, by definition, discriminates against Christians. Who are the real bullies here? This is the con job our schools try to pull on our kids, and it needs to stop. That’s why a coalition of conservative parents and groups have organized the Day of Silence Walkout (www.doswalkout.net).

We are suggesting that parents keep kids home on that day and away from the false messages that don’t help anything. Our children will not benefit from lies combined with a flagrant misuse of instructional time.
The “Day of Silence” is now an attitude all year long in public schools, which makes the walkout necessary. And here’s another grave concern — the Day of Silence does a real number on kids’ minds and hearts, and it contributes to the “dumbing down” of American education. Here’s how the DOS presents logical fallacies to students. The DOS and its “anti-bullying” platform communicate the following:

1. Bullying is always wrong.
2. Many if not most young people who identify as homosexual and “transgender” are bullied.
3. Therefore, to stop bullying, we must approve of homosexual and gender-rebellious behavior.
You are scratching your head because you see the obvious problems in logic here. If a student who has very poor hygiene is bullied, does that mean, to show “support,” we stop teaching about the benefits of good grooming? Of brushing one’s teeth? Of regular bathing?
Here’s what the DOS and its allies don’t want kids (and parents) to think about — the huge obvious question they have left unanswered, deliberately so. Is homosexuality inborn? Can it ever change? Are some people born “in the wrong sex body”? And what about negative outcomes — are there any? These essential questions are left unanswered, leaving many students to assume that:

1. The adults in charge have done the research on this, and
2. We can trust them. They would not mislead us, and so
3. “LGBTQ” feelings and conduct must be inborn for some people.

It’s really a huge con job with faulty implied assumptions, because no one is born to engage in homosexual or gender-rebellious conduct. These are desires that develop long after birth, influenced by life circumstances, abuse, trauma, and personal attitudes. It’s time to stop this nonsense from being taught in our schools!! Please join the national effort to oppose the DOS. Let’s protect kids and stand together against normalizing sexual deviance.” (End of article).

Although this is a nation-wide program (See: GLSEN”s Day of Silence at glsen.org). In checking today with Clay county teachers that I know, I was advised that Clay schools will be closed on April 12. Perhaps that is their way of ‘opting out’. I was not able to obtain any information about Duval County. But this is a nationwide LGBTQ “Day of Silence” program scheduled for April 12.

Also, this past week, I have been reading that excellent book I referenced above, entitled: “Made This Way – How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues”. I highly recommend it to all parents and grandparents. A generation ago, Christian parents did not have to worry about how to explain transgenderism to their nine-year-old, or help their teenager deal with mockery at school for believing in traditional marriage. But today, as our culture’s moral center continues to fly apart, and with all of this immorality being publicly aired and celebrated, we have no choice but to equip our kids to understand… and to own…the truth about such issues.

In this recently-released book, you are provided with knowledge and understanding of all these aberrant issues. It will give parents (guardians and teachers, too!) crucial tools and techniques to form children with the understanding they need appropriate to their age and maturity level to meet the world’s challenges. Topics covered include: Living Together Outside of Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, Divorce, Contraception, Abortion, Reproductive Technologies, Modesty, Pornography, Transgenderism, Homosexuality. As I mentioned it is an excellent resource for all parents, to utilize as a preparatory education and also for clarifying education should you need to address your child’s dilemma. We have ordered a supply of this book costing $6.00 each, in bulk, and you may purchase it for $4.00 from the Church Office.

My brothers and sisters…Silence can no longer be an option. If we are not teaching our children how to understand the tough moral issues, then the world will.

Yours in Christ our loving Savior,