Take Steps to Learn the Truth

We have had a wonderful break in the “winter weather” these past several days, providing for, at the minimum, an external uplifting of spirits. The horrible news from New York State, mentioned last week in this column, has had one beneficial result. This, despite several more states scrambling to copy the legalization of being able to kill one’s pre-born child, right up to, and even after, being born. So, where is the positive? Consider that the details of this barbaric expansion of “the right” for New Yorkers to kill babies for any reason what-so-ever…have gone viral. The world knows that they have now proclaimed that innocent inconvenient baby humans, are not Humans at all, contradicting the long held, and well-established scientific data, that they are certainly humans. The widely-covered videos of the screaming, raucous, wild, satanic-like celebration by the jam-packed New York State House, have been viewed by the whole world.

There have been millions of Americans that have stayed clear of the abortion fray, and have meekly bought into the so-called “right to choose” death for an un-wanted inconvenient child… if the woman so desires…for any reason what-so-ever. Americans, (and beyond) have now been made much more aware of the ghoulish, grisly procedures that take place, with (now) virtually no medical oversight. Most people do not want to see what actually happens in an abortion. The dismemberment, tearing apart, and crushing of the skulls of pain-capable human babies. And most unbelievable (and sickening) is the murder-in-plain-sight that takes place in a so-called “partial-birth” abortion procedure. Heaven help us as a nation ! Lord have mercy! Well the press has covered this tragic happening in New York, with an almost un-intended vengeance. Details about abortion that have never before been covered by the secular media have been widely publicized. A great many people and friends that I know, have been made to open their eyes (and take their head out of the sand, so-to-speak) and react with a genuine compassion and concern. New York already provides unlimited public funding of abortion and has an abortion rate that is double the national average, and this new genocide expanding law basically provides more assistance and profit for the financially-flush abortion corporations like planned parenthood.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Florida pro-death activists will be quickly making attempts to copy the virtually unlimited right to kill un-wanted babies in the womb. All this expansion coming in fear of the Roe v Wade decision being over-turned by the new Supreme Court and the clear pro-life initiatives of the current Federal Government administration. Please take the time to be up-to-date on what has transpired in New York regarding abortion and become vocal in your support of ending this evil.

With all the lies and deceit that allowed the proliferation of abortion in our country, I urge you to take steps to learn the truth, or to learn more about it than you currently know. I took the time the other night to view a documentary titled: “Hush”…A Liberating Conversation about Abortion and Women’s Health. A truth-seeking and fact-finding endeavor, this film was the joint effort of a “pro-choice” director and a “pro-life” executive producer. Differences about the legality of abortion put aside, their goal was to uncover the politically motivated, deceptive, and clandestinely covered-up truth about the tremendous negative impact of an abortion on a woman’s health. It reveals the tremendous political power of planned parenthood and the abortion industry.

The scientific research, done now for decades, has proven there is an irrefutable connection to a significant increase in the onset of breast cancer in women who have an abortion. The National Cancer Institute is shown (filmed testimony of their refusal to admit to the known link) covering up the knowledge of this connection. I highly recommend that all mothers and their “of-age” daughters view this film. I do have a copy…and with some help from interested mothers in organizing a convenient evening or afternoon to show the film in our Hall, I would be glad to do so. Please see me or call me if you are interested in seeing the film, even if you can’t help co-ordinate the showing…(which should not be complicated or burdensome at all).

Mary, Protector of the Un-born, pray for us.