The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

“It is 12 nights before Christmas, and all through the parish, we have volunteers stirring, to help those we cherish.” A bit corny, but as I write this “Corner” a week and a half before Christmas…I want to be sure to thank all the many active volunteers who have made the Christmas outreach and welcoming by our parish so effective. Our Staff Members, Dedicated Volunteers, our Eucharistic Adoration Leaders and their growing roster of committed Parishioner Adorers, the Knights of Columbus, the Council of Catholic Women, our Religious Education instructors, the Simbang Gabi organizers, our Prayer Groups, the many active Parish Ministry participants, and the on-going work of our Building Committee and Finance Council chairmen and their committee men and women. Thank you so much for being our parish. You are why we are growing so fast. Please encourage your inactive friends to join you. A real step towards deeper holiness.

At all our Christmas Masses we are, in addition to the cost-free membership to “FORMED”, providing a Christmas gift of an excellent Matthew Kelly book, one for every family. In addition, if a family member, who lives remotely, is back home visiting for the holidays, I want them to receive a copy of the book as well. The book title… “The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity.” It convincingly presents the Truth that it is possible for you to become happier than you have ever been in your life…and counter the lie that holiness is not possible. Praying is essential, but even more important is Listening to what God has to say. And there is no place on earth, to more effectively accomplish that, than in a dedicated hour by His side, in Eucharistic Adoration. If you have trials, sorrows and dilemmas weighing you down, there is no better place to be, than there within the gaze of His Real Presence. Holiness and happiness are truly right here within your grasp. My Christmas prayer and pleading for you, is to “Give Jesus an opportunity to deepen your holiness and happiness and become a committed adorer.”

Merry Christmas!