Memorial Gifts

At our last several Parish Council meetings, we have been striving to finalize the concept and design for a handsome wall-mounted display in our narthex. This display will categorically list the names and permanently honor all parishioners who made a commitment to our successful three-year “New Church Capital Campaign”, and substantially fulfilled it… along with others who made substantial contributions with weekly “Building Fund” contributions.

Also, to be honored, are donors, benefactors, and all who paid for, and donated, the many liturgical and artistic church fixtures and elements that now adorn our church. I would hasten to mention that there are several of these gift elements, for which we received a contribution, that have yet to be produced and delivered to the church. Among them are special custom-made Flower Stands and custom-made Vigil-light Candle Stands that will be placed by the church statues.

Many of the stained-glass windows that we had created and installed, after the original “Memorial Gift Selection Opportunity” was completed, are now available for memorializing with a gift in the amount that covers the cost of the item. This new gift opportunity will enable many of those who originally were not able obtain the choice they had desired to memorialize, to discern a new item widow. Memorial Paver stones for placement at the Church Entrance will also be made available for a brief time. In addition, any of these new gift items… that you purchase and donate… will obtain recognition for you as a donor, on the soon-to-be-completed, “Donor Recognition Wall”. A listing of these available items, and their donation amount, will be put in the next bulletin and listed on the Parish Website. Copies will also be available at the Welcome Table in the Narthex.

Also, very soon, in addition to including the donor’s name, and the person(s) to be memorialized by the gift, on the new “Donor-Memorial Wall”, we are creating and affixing, near each gifted item, a 1 ½” x 4” plate with the inscribed name of the donor and/or the person(s) who are to be memorialized by the gift. The available memorial gifts will range in cost from $115 to $3,600. Complete information material will be sent your way shortly. Please feel free to call me, or the parish office with any questions you may have
regarding this initiative.

As we enter into the second week of Advent this Sunday, December 9th, we will start a two-evening Parish Advent Mission. We will begin with a 7:00 PM Sunday evening address by me, on the ‘The Art of Offering and Accepting Forgiveness’. And, on Monday evening, immediately after the 6:30 PM Mass, Sister Kelai Reno SHM…from the Home of the Mother order, will be speaking about ‘The Glory of Mary’s Perpetual Virginity’. A parishioner who has heard this address by Sr. Kelai, relates that it is outstanding. This brief Advent mini-Mission should be perfect for providing you with wonderful food or thought and motivation to find and embrace the peacefulness that accompanies our embrace of a commitment to forgive as well as to humbly accept the sincere forgiveness of others. Let us also embrace the ever-present invitation of the ever-Virgin, Mother of the baby Jesus, and do what she recommended at the Wedding Feast of Cana… “Do Whatever He Tells You! “ I look forward to seeing you at these two Mission talks and I pray for your peace and comfort as we look to the great joy that surrounds us as we celebrate the Virgin Birth.

Yours, basking in the Glory of the ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God,