Facing the Moral Crisis in the Church

With the Thanksgiving Holiday arriving next Thursday, two Parish Bulletins need to be constructed, edited and submitted
this week by our parish secretary, Sara Creech as I will be gone to Thousand Oaks, California to visit with
my four children and their families for the holiday. I will be writing both of those Pastor’s Corner articles tonight.
An authoritative response to the ongoing homo-clerical abuse crisis has been (and continues to be) anticipated, but
as of yet, not attended to by the Vatican. This critical issue has unfortunately drawn most of my attention in recent
weeks. I have been attempting to keep our parishioners apprised of the truth and factual seriousness of this scandal,
as well as the critical importance for all of us to… first, be knowledgeable, and…secondly, to voice our concern and
insist on a cleansing/purging of the evil sub-culture that has fueled this moral catastrophe for the Catholic Church in
America (and numerous other countries). The U.S. Bishops three-day Fall Conference met this past week. The conference
held great promise for initiating plans to effectively address the full scope of the moral rupture in the presbyterate.
Unfortunately their plans and effective resolutions have been put on hold by the Vatican.

Pope Francis mandated that none of their investigative plans, aimed at rooting out the subculture, nor any decisions
on new policies that would include accountability for Bishops, should be voted on at this Conference. He wants any
action of that sort to be delayed until a meeting of a Worldwide Bishops Conference Presidents next February in
Rome, some three and half months from now. My brothers and sisters, despite the delays, I again urge you to stay
apprised by utilizing your choice of the many orthodox Catholic websites. And please…continue to offer up fasting
days, praying daily rosaries, praying to the Holy Spirit, and also praying for the intercession of both our Blessed
Mother and Michael the Archangel…that they, in tandem, will eradicate Satan and the immoral evil cancer of predatory
homosexuality with which he has afflicted the Episcopacy.

On a lighter note, I would like to make mention of some of our “growing pains” here at our rapidly growing parish.
As mentioned a few weeks ago, our Stewardship Chairpersons and I attended the International Stewardship Conference
with the objective of acquiring knowledge and new ideas that would enable us to attract and stimulate faithfilled
parishioners, with a desire and sense of spiritual fulfillment, by making their parish, our local personal church,
a more central part of their (and their family member’s) lives. In my 10 years as your pastor, I have become acutely
aware that those who take part in at least one ministry, truly expand their propensity to find more peace and contentment
in their day to day lives.

I posed the question (rhetorically) during my end-of-Mass comments two weeks ago… “How many have become
active in least one ministry?” To simply select one of our many ministries, one that fits your time, availability and
interest, will indeed affect your spiritual balance with increased contentment and peace. After all …it is Christ’s
Church. He wants you closer to Him, as close a possible, and grace freely flows to those who “tithe” their time and
talent involvement for the good of His Church. Your dedication of some small (or large) extra attention, by helping
or leading in some church ministry (in His Church) draws a doubled-edged blessing… our peace and His pleasure.
Do you think it will make a difference in our sense of confidence, when it comes time for us to journey home, knowing
that we have pleased Him by dedicating some of our discretionary time To His Church? I truly believe it will.
We must remember… that along with His Redeeming us by His Passion and Death, the primary accomplishment of
His earthly life, was to establish and build-up His Holy Catholic Church. To know that we made His Church, and its
effectiveness in our community, an important part of our lives is certainly pleasing to Our Lord.

So once again I ask you to please consider assessing the various ministries that we do have, and inquire from the
Ministry leader, exactly what’s available and the time that might be required. Even though our parish has grown by
leaps and bounds over the last two years, the ministries are all in a state of deficit… that is they can all use additional
membership. None of them are overbooked. Please pick up a copy of our Ministry Booklet and give serious
thought to dedicating… a little more of you…to your parish. Thank you in advance for giving this serious thought.

Praying for your blessings without measure,