Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for the defenseless Pre-Born

Thank you to all who got out there and voted. May God richly bless you! Pro-Life candidates did quite well. And
I believe that the table is now set (as best it has been in the last 40 years) for the battle to ensue to win back the right to
‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ for the defenseless pre-born in our country, who (for the most part) have
been deemed inconvenient and unwanted. I just returned from the Open-House reception for the new, renovated Westside
‘Woman’s Help Center’ located at 4116 Blanding Blvd. There was a great showing of some 19 MQOH parishioners
at the reception. This new Center provides substantial assistance for woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy. The
new ‘Center’ manager is one of our parishioners. As I have often mentioned, the potential for overturning the evil Roe
v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, has never been better, with the most pronounced pro-life President (and Administration)
in History) presently in office…but!!!

But, even after hopefully overturning the Supreme Court Decision, it will then be up to each State government to
pass laws to prohibit the killing of the unborn, as well as the defunding of Planned Parenthood… in their State. And
that’s where you and I come in. We need to communicate with our elected representative (write, call, text) and convey
our adamant concern with passing laws protecting life for the unborn, and defunding all the ‘baby killing Abortion
Mills’. There will not be any National Law passed that makes abortion illegal, as these protective State laws will need
to be drawn up, and passed, in each individual State. So, it will require our continued urging of our State representatives
to make this happen. So …we have two new communication challenges presented to us, and they are for both Christ’s
Church and Country. Neither one is a difficult undertaking, but they will require our disciplined and timely embrace
and action.

Regarding the first, the Church of Christ… the Florida Conference of Bishops is meeting this week to contend
with developing a strategy to effectively address and cut out the subversive cancerous subculture that has infiltrated the
clerical ranks of the Church, right up into the highest levels, the College of Cardinals. And once having excised that
‘Cancer’, stringent regulations need to be agreed upon, and promptly put into place, regarding entrance to seminaries.
This must be done to avoid a recurrence, such as occurred after the 2002 homosexual predation scandal. We need to
communicate our intense concern and a recommended course of action that will completely erase the cause of the scandal.

Regarding the second, Our Country… We have the responsibility to speak out, and to always exercise our vote.
And insist upon swift and decisive action being taken, to eradicate abortion in our country. But also consider what’s
happened to this predominantly Christian country in the last 50 years. We have been experiencing the most aggressive
campaign to overthrow God that has been seen throughout all of civilization. In our two-party system, we now see that
one side appears totally dedicated to continue this anti-God, pro-death campaign…while the other side appears to
have “those who are serious about their faith” rooting for God, and joining the battle to save our country. In the early
days of the Church, after persecution abated, did Christians still squirm at Emperor Constantine’s morals? Yes, they did!
However, they were especially grateful for the way he opened the way for Christianity to thrive. Today, we also have a
considerable spiritual war confronting us. And, despite it all, I am always buoyed up by the assurance of Our Lord,
that…the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church. But just like Christians of all ages, we are expected to defend
the Faith.

Here are but a few examples of what confronts us today, and for which we need to fervently pray:
More Christians have died for their faith in this past century than all other centuries of church history combined. Since
1973, an estimated 1,720,000,000 babies have been sacrificed on the altar of sexual hedonism. Sex outside of marriage
has become the norm. Birth control is a way of life. Marriage has been redefined for the first time in civilization. Illegitimacy
rates have soared. The divorce rate is at epidemic proportions. Sodomy and homosexuality are celebrated
openly. Grown men must be allowed to share bathrooms with little girls. With the advent of high-speed internet, scores
of men, in-particular, are now addicted to pornography. Drug use and addiction has exploded. Islamic terrorism has
erupted worldwide. Christian values and morals are disparaged as “problematic ” and not beneficial remedies. Religious
freedom is under constant assault. Every major institution of influence has been captured by the radical secular left. The
media, Hollywood, TV, universities, public schools, theater, the arts, literature, all relentlessly promote the false gods of
sexual hedonism and radical individualism. In this hi-tech Information Age (television, internet, etc.), the anti-God
propaganda is in “hyperdrive”.

It is quite clear, that we are now experiencing a “Crusade-like” response to stand against, and battle, the evil infiltration
in our Country’s culture and our Church. The radical secular elites have begun to lose power, as more and
more people are becoming aware of their evil designs. We must do all we can to keep this momentum moving toward
God. Fervent prayer and fasting, provide great efficacy to our efforts; to our battle. This is a war for souls; this is a war
for our Church, this is a war for the heart of America; our Great Christian country. We all need to
enlist in this battle!!

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in this battle…