Welcome to our new Stewardship Ministry Volunteer Leaders

Let me begin with a reminder (if you have not already done so in “early voting”) to exercise your vote on this coming
Tuesday, November 6. And please, for the love of God and His children…
Vote only for Pro-Life Candidates.

I write this on Thursday night, having just returned from attending the 3-day International Catholic Stewardship Conference,
along with two of our 3 new Stewardship Ministry Volunteer Leaders, Peter Carroll and Maureen Delegado. With
80 presentations from which to choose, we pretty much only saw each other at meals, as we spread out to gather learnings
from as many different sessions, as we could, that conveyed ideas and information of relevant interest. We are now, excitedly
looking for as many new volunteers as possible to join us as we strive to spread the spirituality and vitality of dedicated
stewardship involvement throughout our entire parish family. Please feel free to call Nikki or Pete Carroll, Maureen Delegado,
or myself… if you would be interested in joining us in rejuvenating the many vital aspects of our parish life. As a side
note I must mention that one of the presentations was titled: “Church in Crisis: A Stewards Response: for Parish Leaders”.
Its goal was to “…invite parish pastors, staff, and lay leaders to be a part of a faith-filled solution to the current abuse Crisis
in the Church.” The scandal still ominously lingers virtually unattended to as investigations proliferate.

The McCarrick scandal is now entering its sixth month and the courageous testimony of Archbishop Carlo Vigano is
now sixty-six days old and counting. And, as we can witness, by the silence, neither a comprehensive plan nor response
from Church leadership, has been forthcoming. I think it is time for all of us to respond to the invitations and pleadings of
the many Cardinals and Bishops that have appealed to you the laity (as well as all priests who are firm in their embrace of
existing Catholic faith and morals). And, I also, once again invite and encourage every parishioner to speak out and insist on
a response from Vatican leadership. Insist on hearing a timely plan of action that rids the entire Church, world-wide, of the
homosexual-subculture. It is a subterfuge, a cancer, that has flourished.

Just how did that happen? After decades upon decades of permissible infiltration by homosexuals into seminaries,
enabled by “complicit gate-keepers”, often the admission directors and rectors (who were members of this subculture).
These men encouraged acceptance, instead of (as was expected) filtering out same-sex attracted men; preventing them from
entering into an obvious “near occasion of sin” that the all-male seminary presented. And now, that sub-culture has grown
to such an emboldened strength-in-numbers, that it has been openly flaunting it’s morally corrupt life-style of same-sex relationships
(sodomy), and presents it as being worthy of adulation, emulation, approval (and even pursuit) by today’s young
men. It is these incredibly important, morally depraved matters of homosexual abuse and cover-up by the empowered clergy
in this subculture, that are negatively impacting the very lifeblood, reputation, and credibility of our modern-day Catholic
Church. Immediate investigation into all of this, by the Vatican decision-makers, is critically important. These months of
silence have been deafening and tremendously unsettling for all faithful Catholics.

So, my sisters and brothers, I am encouraging you, in solidarity with your like-minded friends (there is strength and
safety in numbers) to construct polite but firm co-signed letters, in which you present your clearly stated petition for an immediate,
long-overdue proactive response from the State and National Bishops Conferences. This current scandalous crisis
exploded way back in June of this year with the Cardinal McCarrick exposure. As horrible as this accounting was, it was
quickly followed-up by revelations that a great many clergy were aware of his ongoing homosexual abuse of seminarians
and turned a blind eye to it. They “covered-up” his evil misdeeds which allowed for his continual rise, up the subculture
ranks, to the most-esteemed position in the U.S., and he was promoted to Cardinal of Washington D.C.

We can see that, so far, our not being heard from, is being interpreted as “We don’t care”, and the strategy of “Ignore
it, and it will eventually go away”, seems to have been embraced. The division today, in the Church, is profound, and it is
(and has been for decades) centered on so many of these immoral issues. Issues such as cohabitation, contraception,
transgender ideology, and same-sex relationships. Don’t let anyone tell you…that for you to speak out in defense of the
moral teachings of Christ’s Church in these difficult days, is in any way divisive or sinful. We are expected to do just that
and to demand a purging of all of the known evilly influenced ones from her priests. This was not done in the 2002 scandal,
and the secret homosexual subculture continued-on, until now. And now, they have evidently felt powerful enough (with
strength in numbers and position within the hierarchy) that they have launched their homosexual “coming out”, so-to-speak.
Newly-appointed (and controversial) Vatican spokesman, Fr. James Martin has been on a non-stop speaking tour, amazingly
proclaiming at every stop, the merits of the homosexual life-style. Frequenting TV Talk Shows, Universities, and even at the
recently completed Synod for the Youth in Rome…he is professing that Church teaching and the Catechism language regarding
homosexuality, needs to be changed to more accommodating terms…redefining ”different” to “disordered. And that
my friends has indeed brought great division.

You, as the Faithful, are entitled to an expectation that the Shepherds of the Church will carry out their sacred ordained
duty to protect Christ’s Church (and it’s teachings) and us, from the corruption of the evil one. Please call me if I can
be of assistance in any way or provide clarity. We must remember…we are the Church Militant and we are expected to Defend
His Church here on Earth. Let us however, not condemn, but rather…fervently pray for all of those priests that have
been deluded by Satan. They also are God’s greatly loved children. And finally, let your orthodox
Catholic voice be heard in both this coming election and in the midst of this Faith crisis

St. Michael…Defend us in battle,