Stewardship Spirituality

First of all today, I want to thank the (as of today) 112 families that have displayed their commitment to a continuing
Stewardship Spirituality, and have made their Stewardship of Treasure Renewal commitment for the 2019
calendar year offertory. While pledges are still trickling in, we do hope to surpass the 118 families that committed a
year ago. As I’ve mentioned so often, the success of our efforts hinge primarily on the percent of families participating
in the support of our parish. Our appeal this year was sent to 607 families so our percent of families participating, so far,
is 18%. Last year that percentage was 21%. If you have been away, or for some reason have not received the Renewal
Materials, please stop by or call the office.

One further mention of our Stewardship endeavors, is our quest for more parishioner participation and involvement
in our many ministries. There are so many side-benefits that accrue from joining with your fellow parishioners in
some ministry to which you feel attracted. We are indeed a genuine family. If you have yet to consider the possibility of
giving some of your time and talent to a parish ministry, I would urge you to give it some prayerful thought. And do so,
more with the thought of how it will benefit you the giver, more than the obvious benefit our parish community will
receive. Please check with our welcoming table after each Mass on the weekends…or call and/or stop by the parish office
to pick up our booklet with descriptions of all the Ministries.

Excellent parishioner commitment of time, talent and treasure, from the very beginning of the parish, has been
the trademark of the close-knit family-like aura of this parish community. Yes, we are growing rapidly, but there is no
reason why we can’t preserve the caring, familial involvement by the majority of members. My own prayerful quest is
for more parishioner involvement in all of our many ministries, for so many of them are barely getting by, with a
“skeleton crew” of one or two members. The range of needs and opportunities is so broad, I sincerely and prayerfully
plead with every parishioner, to assess the opportunities that are here, and then commit a small amount of your precious
-to-us, time and talent. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the percent of participation in our Ministries was closer to 100% than
the current 10 to 12%…(with almost everyone doing something for Our Lord).

The “Eve of all Hollows” (Halloween) is upon us this Wednesday, which also means that November 6th (Our
Midterm Election Day) is nigh upon us. Hopefully, we are all aware that there is a yet another expectation for us all. As
we strive to comply with Our Lord’s universal call to be ‘Good Stewards’, we all do have an obligation to stay active,
and as involved as possible, in the election of the governing bodies of ours Cities, States and Nation. With all the evil
that is transpiring in our City, in our Country, in the World, and, yes, even in our Catholic Church as well, we should all
be acutely aware of how critically important every election is. Today we see evil and malice manifesting themselves in
so many officeholders… secular and religious. We might well ponder, “How on earth did they get there? How did they
rise to their powerful positions?” Obviously, we cannot vote for Church leaders, but we can and should voice our concern
and demand reparation in the civil sphere. In the civil sphere, we have a voice, a “voting voice”. Unfortunately it’s
a voice that, far too often, goes unused and remains silent. And that is when the evil ones get elected (although they represent
a minority activist group) with a high percentage of their activist group showing up and making their votes count.
Every non-voting Christian, is actually providing a vote for the evil entity that they actually oppose. The debilitating
effects of Florida legalizing Marijuana was accomplished because of the poor showing of the majority who opposed it.
So, please, please… Make Your Vote on November 6th be a well-planned, well-thought out, priority for that day.

Our right to vote is a precious liberty in our Constitution, and we as Catholics have a moral responsibility to
exercise that right. The U.S.C.C.B. reminds us that we are members of the Catholic Faith Community, which provides
us with profound Gospel-based teachings and guidelines. The Church’s moral social teachings are to guide us (and help
us form our consciences) in our diligent assessment of Party Platforms and Policy Positions, as well as the Candidate’s
own actions, promises and penchant for telling the truth. Some weeks back, we distributed a document from “Priest’s
for Life” that provided a clear comparison of the two Major Party Platforms, citing their positions on all the moral issues
of the day. No matter how socially popular or charismatic a candidate is, if he or she professes, or supports, an immoral
position, in conscience you cannot vote for that person. Doing so makes you complicit in the sinful actions and
the evil that they profess, support, and/or carry out. The moral requirement, for all of us, is to form our consciences in
accord with Catholic teachings. We have handed out a booklet providing guidance in that regard for the past several
elections. If you would like a copy, please contact the office.

A preeminent issue in this election is the candidate’s stance on the immorality of abortion. Please do not be
guilty of adding any more evil-minded supporters of this abomination to the political landscape. The time is right for
the Supreme Court to overturn the evil Roe v Wade decision. However, it will be the local, the state, politicians that
dictate the legality of abortion state-by-state. Please, please, do not add to the “pro-death” political roster by voting for a
candidate whose political party affiliate has arrogantly raised Legalized Abortion to be a major plank in
their official Party Platform.

Yours in humble accord with Jesus’ love for the little children,