World Mission Sunday

In my younger years, from the late 1960’s through the late 1980’s, a Public Service Ad (PSA) would be aired
on American television stations at 10:00 or 11:00 o’clock at night…depending on what city you were near. The
brief ad announced to parents: “It’s 10:00 PM …Do you know where your children are?” It was begun in
response to the increase in political unrest and in the crime rates in American cities. This came to mind today
(Wednesday) as I try to gather my thoughts and decide what to address in this “Corner”. There has been so much
unsettling news of a most serious nature within the Catholic Church at large, yet there seems to be little, if any,
reparative response or affirmative action forthcoming. Silence and conjecture has been the primary response,
despite the fact that this horrific predatory homosexual abuse scandal erupted with the revelation of Cardinal
McCarrick’s same-sex mis-deeds, way back in June of this year. “It’s October 21st…Do you know when the
healing and reparation will begin?” Let us all pray that it will be sooner than later.

This Sunday is “World Mission Sunday.” Instituted back in 1926, this Mission Sunday could not have arrived at a
better time. We could liken the state of the Church today, to St. Peter and his companions who had fished all night
catching nothing. Exhausted and discouraged and having already cleaned his nets, Peter was most assuredly ready
for bed. As a life-long fisherman, Peter knew that broad daylight, in the “deep”, was not the ideal formula for a
catch, But, reluctantly he did as Jesus instructed, and he caught the largest catch of his life.

It is good for us all on this World Mission Sunday to divert our attention from the duplicitous leadership and their
followers and move to the deep and troubled waters to lower “our nets.” While it might seem like a futile effort as
regards catching anything, we must remain mindful that grace is abundant. St Paul proclaimed…“Where sin
abounds…grace abounds all the more.” Faithful people are even now, searching… for those who are not
hypocrites; for those who are still faithful despite all the goings-on; for those who stand solid and secure in their
Faith, undeterred by the scandal and the lies. As disgusting and sickening as the uncovering of the world-wide
infiltration of sodomites in the clergy is, it should have absolutely no impact on the Word of God and the integrity
of Christ’s teachings.

My brothers and sisters, we need, more than ever before in our lifetimes, to knowledgeably defend our Catholic
Faith. Read from the genuinely Catholic websites. Become as well-informed as you possibly can about what has
transpired… and vehemently insist that all the “cancerous” clergy, no matter what their rank, be purged and
expelled from clerical ministry. Also, vocally insist, in joint messages with your fellow Catholics, that there be
Lay-Catholic involvement and oversight, to avoid a repeat of the “ineffective efforts” applied back in the 1962
scandal. Work in unison with your like-minded fellow Catholics, and keep the light shining brightly on the many
evil men who have caused this crisis, until they are expelled.

You and I can be those bright lights shining through the dark clouds and smoke of Satan. The Truth; the Faith, that
was taught and modeled for us by Christ, continues as the only Way, the Truth and the Life…for all mankind, no
matter what the ‘father of lies’ is up to in his desperate clandestine quest to draw all souls to hell. We should be
mindful that this sexual predation has not been exclusive to the Catholic Church, but that takes nothing away from
the need for a Catholic ‘zero-tolerance’ genuine purging of all the guilty predators.

Please make the St. Michael prayer a daily prayer for all your family, praying for Michael to intensify his battle
and (by the power of God) cast Satan, and all his evil spirits, into hell. While it might seem contradictory (it is
not), please also keep all the clergy involved in this evil subculture in your prayers, praying for their repentance,
conversion, and their ultimate eternal salvation. With your daily Rosary, and regular fasting, appeal to the Blessed
Mother, Queen of Heaven, to very soon…crush the head of the evil one and intercede for a revitalization of our
Church leadership with abundant grace, courage, and moral integrity.

Yours in an embrace of a renewed missionary zeal to proclaim the Truth and rout all deceptive evil,