Stewardship of Treasure

Here we are halfway through the month of October which is Respect Life month, and also the month dedicated to our Lady. The contentious midterm U.S. elections are less than a month away. And, today we are all called to participate in our Annual Parish Stewardship of Treasure renewal. Please prayerfully consider a small increase in your Church support, and at the minimum, if you are new, or have previously not made a commitment, please take that small step forward now. “Following Jesus is the work of a lifetime. At every step for- ward, one is challenged to go further in accepting and loving God’s will.” (USCCB letter).

Catholics throughout the world, particularly here in the US, are still contending with an unsettling silence; still awaiting a Vatican response (and an investigative action plan) to the serious allegations made 50 days ago by former nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Vigano. He alleged complicity and cover-up by high-up Church leadership, both here and in Rome, along with disclosure where proof of the allegations could be found in the Vatican records. Quite contrary to the old adage…“Silence is not golden!”

On the bright side, I noted on a Catholic website, earlier today (Thursday), that, as regards the McCarrick scandal, and those involved in covering-up their knowledge of it, Pope Francis (after weeks ago saying there would be no investigation) has now said there will be an investigation after all. However, it will be Internal, directed by the Vatican, and not an Independent investigation. Let us pray that it very quickly addresses the urgent need for cleansing, purging of all evil doers, and healing. State after state (including Florida) is initiating their state-wide, government investigations, like Pennsylvania did. The USCCB had already, weeks ago, committed to initiating a U.S. investigation that will include laity involvement and oversight.

Every day there is some new development in these serious Church matters. We all need to, first-of-all…care (be concerned) and knowledgeable, and secondly…make known (communicate) our heart-felt concerns for ridding the Church of, all the cancerous, evil, duplicitous clergy. We must insist on purging all the hypocrites that have made a mockery of the sanctity of this Catholic Church that Jesus Himself…instituted for our salvation…not to become a cauldron for self-serving moral depravity. And, it is critical that you also insist, that you the laity (the church militant), have a hand in seeing it through to a thorough completion. If you feel un- comfortable in communicating your concerns on your own (writing or e-mailing), find and join with like- minded, concerned Catholics, in a jointly signed communique. Above all, do not let this tumultuous time, tempt you into forsaking your Faith and the Teachings of Christ in His Church. For that is Satan’s goal! Also, for a prompt and total resolve and healing, our daily prayer (and some weekly fasting) will be most helpful.

Turning quickly to the urgent call to be actively involved in protecting life, in all its stages. Our prayers have definitely been heard, with the Supreme Court addition of Judge Kavanaugh. Things have never looked more promising in the 451/2 years of the infamous Roe v Wade decision which allowed Americans to kill their in- convenient children. However, you can be certain, from having witnessed the incredible desperate lengths that the “Pro-Death” party stooped to during the confirmation hearings, that with “Soros funding”, they will stop at nothing to prevent overturning “Roe v Wade”.

If you have rarely, if ever, taken the time to write to all those that represent you in government…(State and Federal), urging them to support life, now is the time to do so, and be a part of the solution. We all will have to answer to God at our personal judgement… “Did you find time to fight to protect my precious little ones? Your “yes!” will be the perfect answer! Let us act now! If you would like the names of your particular government representatives, please check with me or our parish office. Thank you for your total concern for your Church. And, thank you today, in advance, for your continued sup- port of time, talent and today, especially for participating in our Stewardship of Treasure Renewal.