Commit to Prayer, Fasting and Speaking Out

It has now been approximately two weeks since several U.S. Bishops met with Pope Francis in Rome regarding our U.S. Church’s clergy sex abuse crisis. Central to the Cardinal McCarrick homosexual abuse revelations were the Cardinal Wuerl cover-up allegations, the unanswered Archbishop Vigano allegation, and the uncovering of a Church-wide homosexual predatory sub-culture, which has settled into many seminaries and chanceries throughout the country. The Bishops requested of Francis, a Papal visitation to the U.S. to address this scandal, but it now appears that they have had their request for his intervention denied.

So, the USCCB announced last week an action plan which they will now conduct on their own, moving forward as they phrased it…“within its authority”…to not only investigate McCarrick but to also augment new policies to now also include holding bishops accountable in any abuse crisis.

With the announcements of state after state opening up their own grand jury investigations, this “dark cloud” of suspicion will be hanging over our heads for quite some time into the future. I am certain that this whole scenario is as gut-wrenching for you as it is for me. It has taken me a long time this evening to be able to write anything. This crisis has been percolating since way back in June. Reaction has been slow and answers sparse or yet to be heard. Too much silence. But the USCCB has announced the beginning of a much needed investigation into the myriad allegations of hetero and homosexual predatory abuse.

Going forward unless there is some earth-shaking news or development, I am going to refrain from week to week reference in this “Corner” of what has happened or not happened. I have been encouraging you to become familiar with the orthodox Catholic websites to get the truth. You will not get it from the secular press or media. As of last week, I have placed copies of a sheet listing 17 of those trustworthy websites, on the table in the Narthex. I will add that listing, for your clipping and reference, at the end of this article as well

Please acquaint yourself with several of them to keep yourself knowledgeable. Going forward, keep abreast of what is transpiring, as regards the development and institution of credible and comprehensive policies to sanitize our Church. It is imperative that there is a purging of all Satanic inroads of the subculture clergy who have been embedded in positions of authority and power, making the abuse and cover-ups possible.

Please commit to doing the most beneficial thing that you and I can do, and that is to pray daily, and fast once or twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday if you are able). Offer your prayer and fasting to Our Lord, through His Blessed Mother, for the cleansing and re-vitalization of His Church…top to bottom. Pray a daily Rosary and please speak out (and write) whenever you note that needed changes are not happening.

With prayerful optimism,

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