A Call for Sacrificial Fasting and Praying

I must admit that I am weary and continue to be in some degree of anguish over the ongoing saga of the homosexual scandal that continues to reveal more and more complicity of church leaders. I would dearly love to see expedited action on the part of Church leadership, with significant involvement of the laity, to address and purge the evildoers and all who have had an active part in this divisive subculture. I completely concur with an assessment made this week by Bishop Robert Baron, in which he related: “I have advocated for a lay-led independent investigation of the McCarrick situation. I want action now. Making it happen is beyond my pay grade. It’s up to Pope Francis.”

Let us petition the Holy Spirit, with our fasting and prayers, for a swift and complete purging of the homosexual subculture that has infiltrated His Church. Our prayers and sacrifices should certainly be offered as well, for a healing for all those, known and unknown, who have been victimized and deeply wounded by these predators. I have received several phone calls and emails from afar; from former classmates and friends, commenting on this unbelievable scandal. Sadly, many of them, including people who have contacted me locally, feeling such revulsion and citing a conspicuous lack of remedial action, talk of discontinuing any further Church involvement or support, and/or, simply leaving the Church. I’ve mentioned for the past several weeks in this column, and in homilies, that abandoning our Faith…by fleeing from this Church Christ established, and the teachings that He gave us… is exactly what Satan (whose work this clearly is) so ardently desires.

The horrific, gravely sinful, duplicitous behavior of many hierarchical leaders should in no way cause us to alter what we believe. We have to stand firm, and fight, along with the stellar bishops and cardinals, who have now come forward, and are courageously combating the lies, subterfuges, and cover-ups of their guilty brothers. Let us be mindful that we, along with those bishops, are members of the Church Militant, and we are called by that membership to also fight for, and defend, our Catholic Faith.

The demand to do so has never, in my lifetime, been more urgent. Bishop Baron, relates the same urgency to stand our ground and fight in defense: “I think that most all of us are aware, to greater or lesser degrees, of the heart-breaking, gut-wrenching revelations of homosexual perversions. Friends, in light of the recent scandals, I know many people are wondering whether they should remain in the Catholic Church. And I totally get that; their outrage is warranted. But in this time of crisis, I beg you not to flee, but to fight–not violently, with the weapons of the world, but with the weapons of the Spirit. We need you.”

Our Church will go through some trying times, but we will be better off as a result of having revealed the perverted “cancer”. God will allow this purging to take place. But this is not a time for bickering and division, or being afraid, or doubting God, or leaving the Church. We should not be moving away from Jesus in these dark times, as He wants us to come closer to Him…to Trust in Him. Jesus tells us : “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (Jn 8:12). This is certainly a time for all the people of God, in every diocese, to stand-up and be counted. This is the time for both clergy and laity, led by our bishops, to band together and get back to the fundamentals of our Catholic faith.

And those fundamentals, for just such a time as this, call for our fasting and prayer. Please consider my request for all of us (to the best of our health-related ability) to begin sacrificial fasting and praying a Rosary …every Wednesday and Friday, appealing for the intercession of Our Lady of Sorrows. We pray for Mary to crush the heads of the demons that have entered the many perverted homosexuals in the clergy. Pray for an increase in fidelity for all of us, for healing of the victims and for healing within our fractured Church, between now and year end.

Praying with you in reparation … and for mercy and healing.