Being Aware of the Truth Within Our Church

Last week’s “Corner” focused primarily on the reaction of Catholics to the tumultuous fallout from the Theodore McCarrick abuse scandal. This was magnified with the mind-numbing Pennsylvania Grand Jury proclamations of clergy homosexual abuse and subsequent cover-up by church leaders. Shocking, but long overdue, this extensive list of criminal allegations was barely being addressed, when, last Saturday, a real bombshell went off with the 11-page statement released by former Vatican Nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, alleging cover-up and “turning a blind eye” to the evil behavior of former Cardinal McCarrick…that extended right to the top. I will not go into the details of what all has transpired in the five days since this quite credible news broke. Those Church leaders who were named as having been complicit and knowledgeable and accused of having been lying about that knowledge are today responding that they never knew anything. And now they are attempting, as well, to discredit Archbishop Vigano’s revelations made from his strategic position of papal nuncio under both Popes Benedict and Francis.

My primary concern continues to be, for all Catholics to become as knowledgeable as they possibly can regarding the details of this heart-breaking scandal. I said in my homily last week that I would again provide a list of credible Catholic websites which provide genuine Catholic news coverage. (*see below) You need to know what is going on, and you need to know the truth. There are a whole host of allegations and mostly denials, so there is a lot of lying going on. The secular press makes that easy these days. So please avail yourself of these sites where you can arrange to receive concise articles on the good, the bad and the ugly that is impacting our Church every day. Let us not be guilty of putting our heads in the sand. It is our Church. It is your Church. Let us be attentive, and let us be responsible. It is our responsibility as members of the Church Militant to speak out and defend our Church from the infiltration of evil doers…no matter how high up they sit.

* CatholicCulture.org – ChurchMilitant.com – TheCatholicThing.org – CatholicHerald.co.uk
CatholicNewsAgency.com – LifeSiteNews.com – NCRegister.com – CatholicExchange.com
CruxNow.com – CatholicWorldReport.com – Aleteia.org [There are others that do not come to mind…let me know if you have a favorite that is not listed.]

My main concern in writing today is to again call to mind the perspective that we need to embrace as regards the sickening revelations and the broader than ever imagined involvement by clerics. The fallout from this crisis will continue for some time, most observers
predict, but we need to clearly embrace the reality that none of this scandal should have a negative impact on our holding tight to our faith and the Truth that is inherent in this vulnerable Church Christ instituted. There is, and there has always been, a certain amount of human frailty (and failure) among Christ’s disciples. It has never been pleasant to be aware of that fact. But, Our Lord is still in charge. In the waning days of his time, Satan has certainly infiltrated His Church…but … “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Christ’s own words!

So, let us sincerely believe Him in these days of trial, and turn to Him, and to His Blessed Mother. Let us pray to them in reparation for the egregious hurt imparted to the many young men and minors who suffered homosexual abuse. Let us be fervent in prayer for a healing and cleansing of the Church, and for eradicating the sub-culture that has grown to be such a wide-spread cancer, here in our country, and world-wide. With genuine concern, let us commit to offer up some real sacrifices, as our blessed Mother appealed to us at Fatima, for poor sinners, the perpetrators. As we pray for Mary’s intercession, to crush the head of the demon that has entered into these abusers, please join in the request I have made to add some sacrificial fasting to your prayer and daily Rosary, every Wednesday and Friday. I received a letter today from Bishop Estévez in which he is requesting that all pastors, and all their parish members, commit to gather for a solemn time of prayer and fasting on Friday evening, September 14th and at noon on Saturday, September 15th. We will do so, and I will give you details in next week’s bulletin. In the meantime, please pray for the rapid purging of the divisive evil that has infiltrated our Church.

Praying for reparation, mercy and healing,