Uncovering the Deep-rooted Homosexuality that must be Purged from our Church

For the past three “Corner” articles, the 50th anniversary of the Papal Encyclical, “Humanae Vitae”, written by Pope Paul VI, was explained and assessed for its brilliance and foresight in predicting exactly what a moral-less approach to human sexuality would bring to our world. Pope Paul resisted the persistent pressure and dissent coming from so-called progressive bishops and cardinals who were clamoring to make birth control (contraception) morally acceptable by the Catholic Church. Pope Paul refused to do so and church historians now point to his “not giving in” as the beginning of some 50 years of growing disunity. This disunity has been referred to in the terms (which I vehemently dislike being applied to the Church) of “Liberal” versus “Orthodox”. “Orthodox” (meaning accepted, traditional or conventional) has been being picked up and used by many Church leaders, as well as the press they speak to, as standing for backward, regressive, and unintelligent. For lack of a better description, let us refer to those negative descripters as revealing a grave condition of disunity (and let’s even call it schism) over matters of “de fide Church doctrine” as it is applied to sexual ethics and morality.

In late June, the tip of this morally-eroded “iceberg” manifested itself with the revelations of a 50 year-long list of allegations of sexual improprieties by Theodore McCarrick. This was coupled with revelations of the, now, clearly evident cover-up, and in some cases involvement, by multiple Church authorities and leadership. The descriptions of these homosexual-centered depravities have literally make me sick to my stomach. And, I have labored long on whether I have the stomach to further comment on it. I am tempted to just end this “Corner” right here. But, as sickening as the ever-expanding scandal has been to-date…and the clear prospects that it will continue to expose more and more moral crimes in the coming months…my main concern is to try to provide counsel for faithful Catholics, to remain true to their faith, and not let this latest eruption weaken your faith. That would be a victory for Satan.

The crimes of these unworthy, self-centered prelates in leadership positions, should in no way give us cause to turn our backs on our Catholic Faith. There have always been sinners among the saints, even in Christ’s original band of the Twelve. Nothing of the evil that these men have propagated, changes one iota of the Truth contained in the Catholic faith. If you feel embarrassed because of criticism that will be showered down by the media, on Catholics in particular…stop! Will you feel embarrassment for our Church leadership in general? Certainly! But as the repairs and reconstruction begin to take place, be sure to prayerfully offer up the discomfort and repugnance that you feel (in union with the pain that our Savior must feel) for poor sinners. I recommend that we all commit to prayer and fasting for the remainder of this calendar year. Please consider (if your health permits) offering up this powerful intercessory combination (prayer and fasting) for healing, purification and unity in our Church, doing so on every Wednesday and Friday that you can until the end of this calamitous year.

Please read as much as you can about the allegations and civil charges made against the depraved sexual predators. We all need to understand that the heinous sin that is dominating the charges of Clerical abuse is homosexual activity. The press and even many Church leaders, as of late, have been deceptively trying to promote homosexual (gay) unions and behaviors as good and worthy of being blessed by the Church. And there are efforts by clerics to change Church teaching (and the Catechism) from stating that homosexual acts are intrinsically and objectively disordered, and contrary to the natural law …to read instead that homosexual acts are merely differently ordered. The Church has always, and continues, to teach empathically, that those enduring the trial of these same-sex tendencies should be accepted with respect, sensitivity and compassion. Through the so-called LGBT activists…the media and the entertainment industry (Walt Disney films of special note) have been propagandizing the culture to accept the abominable capital sin of sodomy and same-sex sexual unions as respectable ways of expressing love. I hope this current ‘volcanic scandal’ sobers our country, and really all of us and our children, who have been cajoled into the politically correct opinion that these are ‘nice people’ and their expression of love (which is actually lust) should be accepted as morally admirable and good. Because we cannot! Nothing is farther from the truth.

Back in 2002 a media blitz exposed the first sexual abuse by Catholic priests, and in 2004, the Church commissioned the John Jay School of Criminal Justice to conduct a study to determine what happened. Though never fully revealed, the report identified that this was not (as you and I were led to believe) a pedophilia scandal… as less than 5% of cases involved molesting small pre-pubescent children. It was a homosexual scandal, but that was never made clear. The perception, erroneously given by a pro-gay New York Times article, was that it had nothing to do with homosexuality. I remember reading it and believing it. But, my brothers and sisters, that scandal, just as this current one, had everything to do with homosexuality. It was reported that 81% of the victims in that first scandal (from 1950 to 2002) were male. And, 78% of them were post-pubescent adolescent males which equates to “male with male” or
homosexual abuse. I have emphasized this fact to counteract the false belief that was propagated that it was pedophilia and not homosexuality that was the predominant cause of this evil. Now you know. No matter how “lovable” we see it portrayed on TV, or in the movies…homosexuality is the work of Satan. It is evil! Love the sinner…Hate the sin! You’ll be hearing more and more, in the coming days and months, of the sickening details of homosexual behavior. The behavior is always mortally sinful and evil; the pride and joy of the evil one. There can be no change under God, we are to love the poor sinner, but with no exception, we are to hate the sin; the homosexual behavior. Like the past cell phone advertisement related, I can hear our Lord asking today with this uncovering of the deep-rooted homosexuality that must be purged from His Church, “Can you hear Me now?”

Praying for reparation, healing and mercy,