Save the Baby Humans

Today is July 5th and I am writing this “Corner” article for two Sundays from now, July 15th. Again, looking ahead, in light of what is transpiring today, the Times-Union caught my eye today with a column on the front page of the Metro Section titled: “Hands off that cellphone in Georgia”. I had heard that the “Hands-Free Georgia Act” was coming and I found that it is now their law, as of last Sunday; a good law in my opinion. That article ran right into an article on “Specialty Florida License Plates”. Since I have purchased a “Choose Life” plate ever since moving back to Florida, 12 years ago, I took a quick peek at what they had to say. It was all about the money that these plates raised for the various non-profit entities that request them. There are now 148 specialty choices offered. Most cost an extra $25 and the authorized recipients receive $20 of that amount.

My point for including mention of this odd subject was the fact they had rated the top ten specialty plates, and, as might well be expected, Florida and Florida State University plates were ranked #1 and #2 (Notre Dame was nowhere to be found). But #3, #5 and #6 were Plates making a plea to “Save the Sea Turtles”, “Save the Manatees” and “Save the Dolphins”. No rank was given for “Choose Life” plates. Not that those three causes are not worthwhile, but, my goodness…what would Jesus Do? A seminarian classmate, from California (where the hue and cry was heard almost daily in the media, to “Save the Baby Seals”), had a supply of posters made up that read… “Save the Baby Humans”.

What is the greatest travesty besetting this most blessed of all nations, whose Declaration of Independence we just celebrated? In the 45 years since the Roe v Wade Decision, we Americans have killed an estimated 61 Million pre-born and partially-born Baby Humans. In these days where Christianity, and the morals that accrue to living in accord with the teaching of Christ, are severely denigrated and demonized by the secular and atheistic-dominated media, I think it’s time for all of us to unify and to show that unity (and belief) by revealing our Faith in God in every way that we possibly can. Hopefully none are thinking… “Come on now, that’s way over the top…I can’t do that.” For a mere $25 you can add to the exposure of that message. Please give that some thought when your birthday-related renewal comes up, to help spread the message and increase the volume (the loudness) of the cry for help by our unborn.

I am sure you have heard me recently appealing for all of us to take some affirmative action, now, to let our elected officials know that we want them to support the current Administration’s efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v Wade. With a new Supreme Court Justice about to be chosen, the latter has never looked more promising.

I am fully aware that the majority of us (who sadly make up the “Silent Majority”) are very reticent to communicate with our elected officials… City, State, and Federal…or attend local Government council meetings. And, my brothers and sisters, that is exactly why the minority activist groups, the LGBTQ, the Pro-Death, and other God-less factions, are able to railroad anti-religious and immoral laws into our city, state and country.

The silent majority? Are we members? We all need to speak up. The world’s largest abortion committer is currently funded by our tax dollars. And so far there is nothing you and I can do about it…unless…you and I speak up. Please give that a high priority in your spiritual endeavors. Unfortunately, most of us fail to recall the very serious warning Christ gave us regarding ‘Sins of Omission’ (failing to do the good that we are able to do). He quite clearly told us in Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 26: 45- 46… “Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.” And the consequences for “doing nothing” were just as clear… “You will go off to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” With that in mind, I would like to share the advice of my former Spiritual Director, Fr. John Riccardo, back in Michigan. He referenced the compelling horrible reality of Hell that was shown to the children of Fatima. And then reflected, “Every one of us will die. And, when we are judged, we will stand in front of two faces…and they will only say one word…Mine!” Let us all strive to be on Jesus’ right side as He motions us to come.

I pray that none of us take action out of fear, but rather… out of love for neighbor; love for life; love for the precious ones of God, and love for God’s will. One additional request is to agree to gear up and join this battle. At the Church’s Main Entrance Bulletin Boards, we keep a copy of the Life Decisions International “Boycott List”. It lists 50 Companies that, as a Corporate policy, financially support Planned Parenthood. Every one of these companies have been politely contacted and made aware that they are on a Boycott List because of their PP support, but… will be taken off if they discontinue their donations to PP. Hundreds of companies have reacted positively and ceased their support; the boycott has been effective. Most of the 56 that are currently on the Boycott List, are defiant, and continue to support this evil.

One of the most arrogant combative responses received by LDI was from the Starbucks CEO. Cursing and swearing, he vowed to double his company’s support. Up until 10 years ago, I began every flight out of Detroit with a cup of their coffee. Once I became aware, I won’t go near their stores. Most people, Catholics included, are unaware of the life-hating support by Starbucks. Every time I see someone carrying a Starbucks product, I tell them the story. Please take a look at the Boycott List and make note of the companies that you have been patronizing. Stop buying their products. Then write and/or call them…and convey that you have done so because of their PP support. Much like your political opportunity to vote in elections…nobody will ever know that you did not vote, or call…but that is exactly how evil people and evil laws get traction.

Please prayerfully commit to become active in both challenges…contact your elected officials about binging an end to Planned Parenthood funding and the overturning of Roe v Wade. They will be listening…this is an election year. And then, pick a company from the Boycott List and make at least one or two calls each month (and encourage your friends to do the same). Also, we need more volunteers to prayerfully stand each Wednesday morning at the abortion mill. Call Beth Dickie or Dan Siecker for information.

No more Starbucks! No more excuses. Please take positive action and take displeasing Our Savior out of the equation.