Save the Baby Humans

Today is July 5th and I am writing this “Corner” article for two Sundays from now, July 15th. Again, looking ahead, in light of what is transpiring today, the Times-Union caught my eye today with a column on the front page of the Metro Section titled: “Hands off that cellphone in Georgia”. I had heard…


Seeking your Talent

Two weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the universal call that is innate in our Christ-founded faith; the call for us to be generous stewards of our time, talent and worldly blessings. And I recalled that our parish motto is not to “keep up with the Joneses” in the amount we give of ourselves,…


St. Jose Maria Escriva

Due to the Fourth of July Holiday next week I am writing two “Corner” articles this week, the first being due today Tuesday, June 26th, the second being due Friday the 29th for next week. While June 26 is my birthday, it is also the feast day of St. Jose Maria Escriva, a priest and…