Our Adorable Savior

Pope Francis, at the beginning of His Papacy denounced the “Throw-away Culture” of today, that justifies disposing of lives, and related that doctors, in particular, had been forced into situations where they are called to “not respect life.” Francis reminded us that, “Every child that isn’t born, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of Jesus Christ…has the face of the Lord”. He went on to specifically urge gynecologists to abide by their consciences and help bring lives into the world, and not deny them entry. “Things, he said, have a price, and can be for Sale but people, [including the pre-born] have a dignity that is priceless and worth far more than Things.”

Tonight (Thursday), I attended the Women’s Help Center Fund-Raising Gala, where a former gynecologist/ abortionist-turned vociferous Pro-Life Advocate and acclaimed speaker, addressed the packed Hyatt Ballroom. He adroitly related, from the discomforting perspective of a former abortionist, the despicable horror of killing innocent defenseless children in the expected safety of their mother’s womb. Everyone of us, as Catholic Christians, should know, full well, that we are always called to stand up and fight for the innocent and defenseless. If we have been deficient in this regard (for whatever reason), now is the time to take this obligation seriously.

Not everyone can stand and pray in front of an abortion mill, (but certainly, more of us can), however, all of us can show our solidarity with those fated children, by using our God-given gift of speech and the facility of modern electronic communication. But, to begin with, you have to care. Our Lord has clearly taught that, “not to care”, (when our caring response can save a life) and to not speak out, and to not take a vocal stance and affirmative action to end this evil is abominable. It is clearly the Sin of Omission. Remember Christ’s admonition, “Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for Me.” (Matt 25:45). All of us must avoid being complicit in this nation-wide legalized eradication of helpless, unwanted pre-born children. We continue to allow the totally immoral Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade Decision which has gone unchallenged by us U.S. citizens for 45 years now.

If we are ever going to bring an end to the 45 year history of Government approved infanticide in our country, please commit to ask all others in your circle of friends to join you for our voices must grow ever louder. My brothers and sisters, strictly from a morality perspective (as I do not comment on politics), I believe we can safely define the Current Administration as being significantly Pro-Life. More has been done in a relatively short time, to promote and obtain Pro-Life Initiatives and Correctives than ever before.

However, and this is a big “However”, we cannot lower our Pro-Life voices. Rather, just the opposite! We have to become much more vocal than ever before, persistently writing, calling, and e-mailing, ALL of our elected Representatives. Call for them to initiate, as well as to support, and Vote For, all Pro-Life initiatives. While a whole lot of Pro-Life progress has been made, it appears that a half a billion dollars is still headed Planned Parenthood’s way, and…Roe v. Wade has yet to be rescinded. We must all commit to act quickly and contact all of our elected Representatives prompting them to fulfill their promises. If there is No Pressure from their constituents, many politicians will soon return to bartering away their pro-life commitments with their political foes, to gain their concessions and support for their future political needs.

I hope that we all realize that we currently have what appears to be a “God-Send”, as our President, who is (as is so often the case with God’s instruments), the most “unexpected of characters”. It is a reality, that in the last 45 years, conditions have never been better to wash away the scourge of legalized genocide here in the “Land of the Free.” Please, I pray, let us all commit to become much more active and much louder in our efforts to bring an end to abortion.

Prayer is still critically important, and your commitment to an hour of prayer and adoring, in the exposed Real Presence of Our Savior, is the most powerful and most effective prayer you can offer up to God. You not only please our trinitarian God, but the Mother of God as well, answering her Fatima plea for us to eliminate our demeaning show of indifference towards her Son’s Real Presence in our tabernacles, by spending prayerful time with Him. Your Parish Perpetual Adoration Guild invites you to show your belief in, your trust in, your hope in, and your love of, our Lord Jesus, for a mere hour of the 24 hours, on the four Fridays each month, between 9 AM Friday and 9 AM Saturday.

Please give serious contemplative thought to showing yourself (as God will certainly notice) that, “Yes!” you are acutely aware, and do truly believe, that it is indeed Jesus, miraculously present in that consecrated exposed Host. Consider that it is truly God the Son! Do we really dare take Him for granted…and choose to ignore His promised presence, to remain here on Earth, precisely for you and me? Do we really dare to be indifferent to this gift, and still expect our prayers for our needs, offered elsewhere, to find the same receptivity from God? This self-scrutiny of making a “Yes” or “No” decision to adore Him in our 24 hour Adoration opportunities…obviously only applies to those who are physically able to travel to His Real Presence in the monstrance. Let us all combine greatly strengthened eucharistic prayer-life with our prayerful appeal and activity aimed at ending the abomination of Abortion and in pleasing God, we shall all benefit.

Yours in our Adorable Savior,