Perpetual Adoration Parish

While organizing my files while making the move to the pastor’s office in Haryasz Hall, I came across a copy of the “Pastors Corner” July 17, 2016. It addressed the beginning of our parish initiative to become a Perpetual Adoration Parish. With a little over a year and a half gone by, we have made great strides in growing towards that spiritual objective, primarily due to the tireless initiative of Carole Borz. It is an undertaking that requires multiple team leaders, to coordinate and follow up on the “2 per-hour parishioner minimum” that is required. We have just expanded to provide 24 Hour Adoration opportunities (beginning with 8:30 a.m. Mass) on All Four Fridays of every month.

Our belief in Jesus the Son of God was underwritten, beyond all doubt, by His Paschal Mystery which we recall and celebrate in this Holiest of Weeks. He suffered, died, was buried, and rose from the dead. After which Jesus gifted us with His Real Eucharistic Presence…to turn to…until He comes again at the end time. That very fact is the center of Our Catholic Faith. Let us in these final days of Lent, meditate on this fantastic gift Jesus gave to us, and consider whether we are taking advantage of honoring Him (as He and His Mother have pleaded with all of us), by visiting Him in Adoration and conversing with Him. If you are not already committed to being a “Holy Hour Adorer”, and becoming part of our Parish Adoration Guild, I pray that you will review again, my appeal to seriously consider doing so.

Pastor’s Corner #288 7-17-16

I wrote in this “Corner”, and spoke briefly after each Mass last weekend, about our plans to begin our life enriching parish initiative of a of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (PEA) program. I mentioned that we need to build a Team of enthusiastic parishioners who fully embrace, and desire, the great graces that will flow down upon our parish and the dedicated adorers… I would love to have every parishioner who has any interest in participating, and would commit to a specific hour of adoration each week (or who is at least giving it some thought) to let me know, by filling out and clipping off the form on the bottom of this column, and drop it in the collection basket, hand it to me, mail it, or simply bring it by the Church Office.

As mentioned earlier, the local ordinary, Bishop Estevez requires a minimum of two persons to be in adoration at all times. So that mathematically works out to needing to cover 24 hours X 7 days week = 168 hours each week that need to be spoken for. And, with two people required for each hour…that come to 336 parishioners that will be needed. So please share and talk about this wonderful opportunity with your friends and acquaintances. There is so much good that we have all intended to do in our lives that somehow got pushed aside by the myriad other priorities and distractions that come along. Please also pray over your committing this brief time to Him. We know the disappointment He felt when, under duress, He questioned His Apostles with those sad words: “Could you not watch one hour with me?” (MT. 26:40).

If you, like so very many of us, have found yourself caught up in a life that is so busy (even though you are primarily focused on doing for others) would agree to schedule and commit to a one hour a week appointment with Him, the benefits you receive will be immense. We all desire more peace and love in our lives, and who better to acquire that from, than Jesus. I can tell you sincerely, that if an hour visit sounds like a long time, you will be amazed how fast the time flies (if you really get into an undistracted prayerful conversation with Him). We need to be cognizant of the fact that we are there with Jesus Himself. In the quiet solitudinal time spent in front of that Blessed Monstrance, amazing and miraculous things have taken place. Do you believe it’s really Him? Simply give Him the gift of your time and prayer, and He will deepen your faith, your belief, and your peace. “Oh, come let us adore Him…Christ the Lord!”

Yours in the gift of His Real Presence,

Mary, Queen of Heaven Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Program
[ Please check all that apply ]
[_] Yes, Fr. Denis, I am interested in participating and to committing to a specific hour each week.
[_] Yes, Fr. Denis, I am enthusiastic about this initiative and would gladly help out as a Coordinator.
[ ] Father, I am supportive of this initiative, but circumstances currently prevent me from committing to a specific
adoration time.
[_] Father, For your planning purposes I am unable to commit at this time, but will prayerfully consider joining in the

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