Today my primary focus is “Life”. There are many ways it is currently negatively impacted: world conflicts; drug wars; street crime; euthanasia; drug wars; opioids; drug and alcohol addictions; contraception; sterilization; the death penalty; and last of all, now infamously marking it’s 45th year of being sanctioned and legalized in these United States is ABORTION! So, I want to take a moment and comment on what befalls us every January 22nd, mainly because it is a most detestable testament to our “Land of the Free.” The most sobering thing for all of us who are 63 and older is that this outrageously uncivilized and immoral “decision” has been left intact for all these 45 years. And, until very recently, it hasn’t had a bit of serious pressure to be overturned.

Well, for 45 years now, we have been reminded that on January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court handed down its notorious landmark decision in the Roe v. Wade case, which ruled as unconstitutional, a Texas state law that had prohibited abortion. Quite ironic that, in the Land of the Free, a good law protecting the life of a legitimate living and totally innocent person, was replaced with an evil one, a decision to take away that protection and allow (read legalize) the Holocaustic American Infanticide that has now totaled (according to the Guttmacher Institute through 2016) upwards of fifty-nine million (59,115,995) pre-born, partially-born and accidentally-born American infants. That we citizens have allowed that is horrific. The most sickening scourge of evil in recent history, that is in any way comparable, was the Nazi Holocaust. It is said to have consumed between five and six million Jews, and further an estimated six million other people, such as Catholics and other undesirables. That was stopped by a horrified world, after the chronic apathy of most Germans allowed Hitler to flame out of control and become dictator and a proliferator of extermination.

This past weekend, at the St. Augustine March for Life, I heard and met the absolute best and most brilliant pro-life speaker I have ever heard…Stephanie Gray. She was able to adroitly cut through all the false logic, false philosophies, false biology, and myriad lies that are consistently put forward by the “Pro-Death Liberals” to defend abortion as their national treasure. Utilizing the “firm, but kind and gentle” approach in her multitude of public debates, with so-called “pro-choice” spokespersons, she is virtually undefeated on the Life and Personhood at Conception debates. I urge you to take the time to listen to just one of her addresses, which has amazingly been allowed as a YouTube video. Its content includes much of the valuable information she conveyed in her St. Augustine address. Click here to watch.

Where do we (you and I) stand regarding this continuing Holocaust? The political environment, like it or not, has never, in the last 45 years, been more prone to respond to our cry to overturn this murderous chapter in our history. We as Catholics, we as Church, have failed to react with any convincing continuity or effectiveness, and we have simply slipped into the fog of apathy; of indifference. Can you believe (future historians will be shocked) that the mighty Christian voice, the Catholic voice alone, could have, with any call and movement to solidarity and unity, easily have rectified this uncivilized law. If we the Church, in accord with our faith, would have at any time during these last 45 years taken the time to present the logic and facts to all our members first of all, and then to all of our Government representatives, as Ms. Stephanie Gray has singularly undertaken to do, this evil (and yes, I mean evil) court decision would have long ago been overturned.

Again…New Year’s Resolutions? Really want to make this a better world and greatly please your God? Then watch that faith-filled and intellectually stimulating video and become a voice to change hearts among those you already know, and any apathy will be cured and you will in-turn, become part of the wave that is required to overturn the apathy of our nation. God clearly showed us His reaction to the horrors of Sodom and Gomorrah. After Jesus sternly warned us to do no harm to the children, He so dearly loved, He mentioned “millstones around necks” for those that would allow them to be harmed. But let’s be positive and commit this year to fight this battle on behalf of the least of His children, who are truly our neighbors, as He taught: “Whatever you do for the least of my brethren (or what we do not) that you do unto Me.” A quite clear and appealing message. Right now is the time to respond.

Yours in protection of all human life, in all its many stages,