Resolutions for the New Year

“No matter where you go…there you are.” A tricky little truism, but here we are in our “New Year”, and it’s already getting old…four weeks old to be exact. Still time, however, to firm up some resolutions to make this new year…a year that is truly beneficial to us in the most important of ways….



Today my primary focus is “Life”. There are many ways it is currently negatively impacted: world conflicts; drug wars; street crime; euthanasia; drug wars; opioids; drug and alcohol addictions; contraception; sterilization; the death penalty; and last of all, now infamously marking it’s 45th year of being sanctioned and legalized in these United States is ABORTION!…


The Value of Silence

Great video on The Value of Silence – watch here. Looking for silence in your life? Consider Adoration. A beautiful time of silence with our Lord. Call Carole Borz for more information, (904) 589-8134, or join us this Friday…