A Powerful Lesson

We heard in last week’s Gospel a powerful lesson about forgiveness. But, really, are we to forgive someone that many times…77 times? Since my ordination to priesthood, going on almost ten years now, I have heard more than one thousand Confessions. And I must say, it remains a very humbling and inspiring experience for me….


The Gift of Presence

As I write this “Corner” on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, my homily for this feast centered on the “sometimes hard to fathom” precept that God never abandons us in our sufferings and sorrows. Even before Our Blessed Mother gave birth to Our Savior, she was presented with the prophecy by Simeon, that…


Myths and Misinformation

I mentioned last week that I would follow up on some of the misinformation and inaccurate myths that have crept into the minds of recent generations of Catholics, and here are a few of the more prominent inaccuracies. We should all know that Corpus Christi is the special feast each year to especially commemorate the…