The Corporate Funding Project

I have felt motivated recently to draw our attention to the continuing evil of abortion in our country (centered primarily in the facilities of Planned Parenthood). The focus of the current federal government administration has been positive in this regard. Their campaign platform was pro life and promises were made to rescind the healthcare mandates that forced coverage to be given to anyone’s demand for abortion. Planned Parenthood is to be defunded of the half-million tax dollars that were annually surreptitiously funneled to their evil operations focused primarily on baby-killing for profit. The pro-life mantra of the current administration has infuriated the democratic party and the ultra-liberal press and media.

A bit of a lull has ensued in America in general and the Church in particular as we hear less and less about continuing efforts to draw, and keep, the nation’s attention on, and commitment to, bringing an end to not only the funding, but the legal status of this horrific government sanctioned infanticide. I can write about, and we all can talk about, this barbaric scourge that has so egregiously scarred the image of the “Land of the Free”, but what are we doing about it? Are we speaking and acting out to insist (to demand) that our elected representatives follow through on their campaign promises, to defund planned parenthood and overturn the ridiculous and evil Roe v Wade decision of the SCOTUS.

I receive a monthly publication, Christian Action News, which is primarily focused on pro-life concerns and ‘bringing an end to the evil of abortion’ in particular. It is this paper that publishes the Life Decisions International “Boycott List” that you have seen posted in our gathering area for the last eight years. I believe it is worth explaining again the goal, the process and the effectiveness of this Boycott List, which they also refer to as the Corporate Funding Project (Boycott). Here is their definition of their goals:

The Corporate Funding Project (CFP) is a program focusing on the education of corporate officials about the agenda of Planned Parenthood in an effort to convince them to deny support to this dangerous group. A boycott of corporations that support Planned Parenthood is advocated so those who care about life are not funding its deadly agenda — directly or indirectly.

LDI publishes a list of boycott targets that is updated at least twice per year. The list includes corporate names, subsidiaries, products, services and how to contact each company. In addition, LDI publishes a list of boycott targets that operate on a local or regional level. This information is organized by state/province and may be accessed here.

The CFP has been remarkably successful, thanks to the prayers and commitment of pro-life advocates. To date, at least 343 Corporations have agreed to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s deadly empire, which has kept an estimated $42.5 million out of its coffers. Best of all, those corporate officials who continue to fund the world’s chief pro-abortion advocacy group will be doing so without your cooperation.

So, if you’ve been unimpressed with this strategy, or simply do not want to be bothered with eliminating certain companies from your support or patronage, I would respectfully request that you give thought to supporting this initiative. Bear in mind that 343 companies, when advised that they were being boycotted and why that was so, have agreed to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s evil empire. So that economic pressure of your abstaining from patronizing their business or product does indeed work. But it will work even better if you and I continue to refrain from making any purchases from these companies. Please take a look at the new listing dated May 2017, posted on the Narthax bulletin board, and then pick up a copy of the Boycott List which we will provide on the gathering area tables. All of these
companies have been politely advised they will be put on the Boycott List, should they continue to support Planned Parenthood. So, they know they are on the list and yet arrogantly continue their support. It has been reported that the most arrogant company of them all, is Starbucks, who is one of the biggest contributors to PP and proudly flaunts it.

The good people at Life Decisions International work long and hard to assure the accuracy of the companies that are listed. But, it is a somewhat thankless job, as most Christians and pro-lifers would rather not know of this list so they can continue to drink Starbucks coffee and patronize any number of the companies listed. As we do, we become complicit in funding Planned parenthood, and willing contributors to the ongoing holocaust. Instead of using our buying power to stop these companies from funding this abortion giant, we become guilty of Material Cooperation in their most egregious mortal sin. Really, every one of us should be taking some time to write each company telling why you are boycotting them, and then make the sacrifices (where required) and withdraw your patronage.

It may well be quite difficult to boycott a software product, or a drug company, if you are on a specific prescription…but do we really need Disney, Marriott, Starbucks, Nike, Chevron/Texaco, or Ralph Lauren? Please give strong prayerful consideration to renewing your resolve and embrace a mind-set to do all in your power to impact these Boycott Corporations, taking the time to write a short note telling them why. Thanks for giving this your attention and become part of the loud consumer voice that is required for these companies to see that their blatant support of this heinous moral crime of abortion is highly offensive, both to you and our God.

Yours in defense of all life,