The One, True Catholic Faith

The Summer season has been officially launched with the celebration of our Declaration of Independence Day. And, as mentioned last week in this “Corner”, much more than our Independence was declared, fought for, and defended with the patriotic blood of our forefathers. And one of those “much mores” was the freedom to profess and practice our Catholic Christian Religion. Having survived its original Roman persecution, and subsequently flourishing and spreading throughout the world, our Catholicism has, in the era of Modernity, been subject to wave after wave of further prejudice and persecutions. Most notable were the days of the Protestant “Defamation” during the 163 year period of “Endarkenment” beginning back in 1637…a period of upheaval mislabeled in history as the period of “Enlightenment”… when a “Darkening”, defaming, and duplicitous misediting (Martin Luther) of key verses of Scripture, is really what took place.

Every new ideology that has come along calling for compromising the Christ-inspired and lived-morality, has run smack into this one major obstacle…the one, true, Catholic Christian Faith. This is a faith still protected by our American Constitution, but the assaults upon it have become more and more severe in recent years…and I dare say in recent months. Right here in “River City”, during this past winter, a relentless pursuit took place, of adding to an already comprehensive list, two additional semantically-confusing and innocent-sounding elements of sinful homosexuality, to be protected by the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance. These needlessly added categories were… “gender expression” and “gender identity”, and they are now to be treated with honor as being “truthful and good”, and protected from ever being defined as what they truthfully are: gravely sinful and immoral actions.

Here’s the irony. The egregious sinful act of sodomy, and the confusion of gender dysphoria, are more broadly and highly touted as being moral goods and defended in the “public media square”, today, than the besieged time-honored truths, moral teachings, and beliefs of Catholicism. A further irony is, that we Catholics (who are meant to be united and motivated to spread God’s Word) have quite a significant voice, but are doing very little to defend the truths of our faith regarding these immoral lifestyles and behaviors, that have been allowed to spread into the schools, the media, and life in general, as “Goods” We have been displaying apathy, and appear to be “buying-in” to, and tacitly complying with, the push for political correctness, acceptance and tolerance, by the strange affiliation of LGBT activists. I say strange because the only common denominator they have, seems to be, a lustful desire for another, closed to the gift of life, and outside of a God-defined and perfectly natural, male-female marriage. My friends…the spreading and defending of the truth of our Catholic faith is a responsibility we all have. And we must bear in mind that, at no time, are we to castigate or demean our brothers and sisters who are carrying the weight of their respective crosses. The Church has taught us, over and over, that these objectively disordered inclinations are for most of them a trial and that we must accept them with empathic respect, compassion and sensitivity, and that every indication of unjust discrimination, in their regard, should be avoided.

My sisters and brothers, my purpose for writing and explaining these issues is not to stir up animosity or any combativeness regarding those caught up in these moral issues, but to help you become aware of the erroneous, even deceptive, claims that have been proliferated by the so-called LGBT activists and their complicit media outlets. I recently attended a Conference that met in the Denver Diocese, with the express purpose of “Framing an Accurate Catholic Response to the Transgender Ideology”. There were gathered, an excellent array of professionals in medicine, psychology, anthropology, and theology who made presentations to us that cut through the outright deceitful and false information that has been fed to the National media regarding this mental affliction of “Gender Dysphoria” (the proper medical name for this disorder). Truths were presented that countered the misinformation that has been put forward by powerful LGBT activists who are in high-up positions in media and entertainment industries. There were presented Medical and spiritual truths that conveyed that people are not born that way and that most who are confused by this dysphoria, grow out of it soon after they reach puberty. Therefore, no hormones or mutilating surgery should ever be considered or initiated and counselling is indeed beneficial and recommended, and should not be prevented by laws that LGBT activists have lobbied for … claiming … the confusion is not reversible when it truly is.

Conclusive recommendations were made by this Denver Conference, in order to counter, or combat, all the years of false information, that have resulted now in…ludicrous “Bathroom laws; initiation of mentally and physically harmful (and irreversible) procedures to accommodate a young child’s pre-pubescent confused yearnings; and an increase in the percentage of suicides. The Panel concluded that the laity, the Catholic faithful, need to unite and speak with one voice to counteract these transgender lies in our communities, as well as our parishes and workplaces. I have some excellent audio visual material to share with anyone, or any group of persons, who is interested in hearing the truth (and the falsehoods) and/or simply learning more regarding the Transgender Ideology. Also, if you would like to add your voice to spreading the truth; to do your part; we can visit and I will provide you with some written information to help build your awareness.

In addition, I would also request that you ask your friends and relatives in other parishes to add their voices, to request their priests, clarify and counteract the widely spread misinformation that has been so broadly spread by the media.

Let us all add our prayers requesting that the truth will prevail,

Father Denis