Pray the Rosary

Easter Sunday is but two weeks away, and now is a good time to assess our progress in this preparatory Lenten time. The Easter Vigil and morning Masses at Easter are meant to remind us that it is a day of great joy and celebration. We are meant to celebrate with great joy, the validation of our Redemption; Christ…rising from the dead…proved beyond all doubt, that He truly is the Son of God. His conquering of death by His Miraculous Rising, proved beyond all doubt, that He has indeed atoned, as the God-Man, for the Original Sin that had (until His sacrificial suffering, dying and rising) prevented us from attaining Heaven.

Part of the joy, for many of us, will be the return to those things from which we have abstained and denied ourselves in our Lenten preparation. As admirable and meritorious as these deprivations are, when offered up with sacrificial prayers (reparatory and intercessory), they fall short of their potential if we do not come out of Lent with some marked and disenable spiritual enhancement in our way of life.

Examples of this would be committing to something like: commit to at least one monthly Holy Hour of silent and prayerful adoration; a daily recitation of the Holy Rosary in compliance with Mary’s persistent pleading for all of us to do so; a daily moment of common prayer at home with all family members present; to say “Grace” as a family, at all meals, at home or at restaurants; commit to at least one time each week to open the Bible and read a chapter of the New Testament, and discuss as a family (much more enjoyable than you would think); become an active Supporter of Life and commit to a prayerful vigil hour each week at an abortion mill (Saturday mornings can work well for the whole family); get involved with a food bank for the poor; consider prison ministry (which requires special clearance); join in with any of the many parish ministries like visiting the sick and homebound with the Eucharist, becoming a sacristan, a reader, a choir member, a Sunday Welcome Committee member… and numerous other opportunities.

The goal for our completing these 40 days of “Spiritual Re-hab and Strengthening” is to come out stronger and better spiritually. The goal is not… to simply have survived the rigors and return to the status quo. Give serious thought in these remaining days to just exactly what it is that you can reasonably embrace for your “Life after Lent”. Of all the myriad choices for spiritual and prayerful strengthening, in this 100th Anniversary year of Our Lady’s Messages and Miracles at Fatima, our need to pray the Rosary daily stands out. She foretold that unless we (all the faithful of the world) would pray the Rosary and increase devotion to her Immaculate Heart, dire consequences would result. And, lo and behold, her messages have indeed been virtually ignored resulting in the many terrible consequences that have taken place since then…and that are continuing today.

In these past 100 years, we have seen the terrible consequences of the First World War, a moral collapse in almost every society, great depressions, the plague of Fascism and Nazism, a Second World War (costing 60 million lives), nuclear terror, and the spread of communism throughout the world. Add to that, the many other regional wars in Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Add further, the plagues on society of rebellious and wayward youth; legalized hallucinogenic recreational marijuana; the breakdown of marriages and families coupled with the legalization of homosexual marriages; the legalization of killing both the pre-born and the expendable elderly; and…the tyranny of transgenderism, modernism, and relativism. All of these evils have been cleverly cloaked and disguised by the devils activist with a call for so-called “tolerance” (that issues forth from the lie of relativism, that there is no absolute truth, but that “truth” is whatever you as an individual choose).

We, as a parish, were greatly blessed less than three weeks ago, to have the Centennial Pilgrim Image (dedicated to travel the entire North American Continent) visit our church for veneration and intercessory prayer. The beautiful statue arrived here in the midst of Lent, and it helped us recall her Fatima urging, which matches quite perfectly with our general Lenten guidelines of Prayer, Fasting, Reparation, and Sacrifice. All of Mary’s calls to us for action, really echo her words at Cana…”Do whatever he tells you!” So, we must all remember her unheeded plea to all of us to pray the Rosary Daily. Do we really dare to ignore that request, requiring but 15 to 20 minutes of our 24 hour days? She specifically requested we make and receive a Communion of Reparation on each First Saturday of the Month…(a half hour, once a month), make sacrifices for poor sinners, and pray for the Holy Father.

And, more recently, forty-four years ago, the local Bishop Shojiro Ito, witnessed and approved apparitions in Akita, Japan, where Our Lady, added, this counsel: “If men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all…humanity”. After describing the nature of the punishment, Mary continued: “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops.  The priests that will venerate me will be scorned by their confreres…and the Church will be full of those who accept compromisesPray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am still able to save you from the calamities that approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved.” 

We all hear that suggestion…”Daily Rosary”…yet as Mary herself reports…we as a Church are predominantly ignoring that prescription. Too boring; too long; an old-fashioned out-of-date prayer. Yet modem day Saints have called it their spiritual weapon. And Mary herself has told us of its efficacy, its power to save. If nothing else, these last weeks of Lent, let’s make that commitment (a daily Rosary) to be our spiritual commitment to achieve a powerful    rehabilitation of our spiritual life, and carry it out from Lent, through to a life-long response to our Blessed Mother’s request. Did we not all learn as a child, to never say “No” to your mother?

Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

Father Denis