“By the People”

We are well into the liturgical Year of Grace, as well as our National Respect Life Month, and we are at the halfway mark in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which began this past Wednesday.  The “Year of Grace” began back on November 27th, the First Sunday of Advent. Each of these three objectives should draw our appropriate spiritual focus and attention without taking anything away from the others. We can quite easily remain attentive to all three, and I dare to say that in so doing, we will indeed be the beneficiaries.  And adding to all this, is the fact   that today, another major event (seemingly overshadowing for the moment, all of these other calls for our attention)… is taking place, the Inauguration of our country’s 45th President. In reality, however, they all blend together in a call for balance; a call for liberty and justice for all; a call for a return to morality and mercy, and to a prominence that God should have in all our lives.

I cannot in this space, dwell in depth on all of these “calls”…but since our new President,  notwithstanding  all his mannerisms and personal protocols, has promised America, that he, as President, will be committed to protecting the life of the unborn as well as religious liberties. Like him, and his idiosyncrasies, or not, that commitment is very refreshing and uplifting from our Catholic Christian perspective. These things had been “going South” precipitously fast…during the past eight years.  However, at this point…all we have…are the “words” (promises, but simply words) of the members of this new administration, and its “party platform”.  And  with this in mind, I recall the words of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, who proclaimed: “We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new  birth of  freedom; and that government of the people, by the people,  for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

I feel quite strongly that we all need to be mindful that we have to accept, and respond, to that “by the people” responsibility. We need to act in that manner: to be involved, to be attentive and knowledgeable, and to speak out when things go awry and against morality. No matter what political affiliation one might have, our Catholic teachings in matters of faith and morals need to be our “compass”. History should have indelibly etched into our collective memories, that when morals are broached, in even the slightest of ways…freedom, peace and happiness rapidly disappear. We have had, as mentioned, many religious freedoms compromised in the last eight years, such that some now need to be restored. And we (you and I) need to become more active and vocal than we have in the past.

For one in particular, we have a lot of make-up work to do regarding abortion that for 44 years now, has been legally approved in our country. We have received the most promising of intentions by our new President and his administration. You and I are now morally obligated to follow-up…  by  vocally  and  electronically…conveying (in a kind and gentle manner) to our various government representatives, that we want the Roe v. Wade decision, as well as the immoral mandates included in Obamacare, eradicated and overturned. This week, I will be with the Bishop Snyder High School students at the National March for Life in Washington. I would ask that you all join us   in your supportive prayer; praying in synergy, that this could well be (finally) a “Victory” march.  Tomorrow, Monday, is designated by the U.S. Bishops as a “Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.”  Please keep a short prayer in your daily prayer for this intention.

Let us also continue to pray this week, for Christian Unity in the World, and with that in mind…let us add to our fervent daily prayer, an end to the rampant division that has grown and proliferated these past eight years.  Sadly, rather than reinforcing our nations pledge of allegiance, which states that we are to be ” …one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” …we were told (one man’s opinion) that we are not a Christian nation, and that it’s O.K. to insult the American flag, and that there is no liberty or justice for the unborn child in the womb. Our prayer is needed to repair and bring back the happiness, peace, and justice for all, that a nation that is truly “under God” will have accrue to  it.

And may God bless America!    fr denis