In Support of Life

The inauguration of our new President is complete, and I dare say a new day is dawning. The air is filled with promises and pledges of hope for the pre-born. If you are a committed pro-life warrior (meaning that you have been, at the minimum, vocal about the need to bring an end to legalized…


“By the People”

We are well into the liturgical Year of Grace, as well as our National Respect Life Month, and we are at the halfway mark in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which began this past Wednesday.  The “Year of Grace” began back on November 27th, the First Sunday of Advent. Each of these three…


Defining Tolerance

Here we are with our new year, barely two weeks old. But what a whirlwind of activity we have already swirling around us. Much of it is Political, both national and international, and having just visited Israel on pilgrimage, much of that international “swirl” is quite relevant. But a great deal of the controversy is…