Advent “Our Annual Checkup”

We are in our second week of Advent…well into this Season of preparation. Advent draws us annually into a time to focus on preparing ourselves spiritually, for the second coming of Our Savior.  This will occur when our life here on earth comes to an end, or at the end of time, both of which none of us knows of with any degree of certainty.

This should not strike apprehension or fear into our hearts, but should be a reality check for us all… to assess our embrace of our Catholic Christian Faith. Are we bought-in to its unwavering truth…  that an ultimate life of bliss in Heaven, with our Creator, and with all Holy people of good will, is really what life is all about? Are we acutely aware… that it is not “a given”, and that our simply “wanting it”, will not gain access to it? Our Lord gave us the prescription for salvation with his teachings, beatitudes, and example. They are all prescriptions for happiness and joy…they are not at all meant to deprive us of peace and happiness (as Satan and his minions of relativists and atheists in today’s culture would have us believe). Those guidelines and commands of Our Lord are what guarantee happiness, so let us use this Advent as our “Annual Check-Up” and truly assess and remedy any deficiencies that may have crept into our faith life.

Our “Three-day Parish Mission” begins this Sunday evening at 7:00 pm and its focus on Divine Mercy provides the perfect catalyst for our reflection. Fr. Chris Alar will enlighten  us with some compelling  insights to the messages we have been privileged to receive from Our Lady, at both  Lourdes  and Fatima,  and  the  further clarification  on these  warnings  contained  in the words our Lord gave to St. Faustina, more recently.  The bottom line is for us all to enrich ourselves with a deeper faith and begin to enjoy the happiness that goes hand-in-hand with that grace-filled life. The choice has always been ours! Let us choose intelligently and focus more intently on choosing good and refusing evil.

In two weeks, we will be providing a Christmas Gift of a Matthew Kelly book entitled “Resisting Happiness”, to all parish families. This will provide a perfect sequel to this Advent quest to align our lives with the Will of God. In a strange twist of reality most everyone of us have been deceived by the evil  one to  think we will find happiness  in all the wrong  places, only to find  misery, shame, stress, and unhappiness.  As we search these futile places, we unfortunately are ignoring (actually resisting) the very source of all happiness the precepts and commandments our Lord Jesus proclaimed for us during his time on earth.  Give serious thought for these remaining weeks, to finding your happiness by living in accord with God’s will.

Don’t we pray at every Mass, and in our other prayer endeavors (in the “Our Father”)…”Your Kingdom come…Your Will be done…on earth as it is in Heaven”? Going forward… now in this designated time of preparation…let us strive to act, react, and live in accord with His Will.

Yours in the Savior, Jesus,fr denis