“O Holy Night”

It is five nights before Christmas, and all through the parish, we have volunteers stirring, to help those we cherish. A bit corny,    I realize, but as I write this on Tuesday evening…I do want to take a moment to thank all the many active volunteers who have made the Christmas outreach and welcoming of…


Stay Prepared!

Advent here in our Diocese, has been greatly blessed, year after year, by an abundance of Parish Missions and Communal Penance Service evenings, where there is a choice of from eight to twelve priests available to hear confessions. “Advent” which means a “coming” or “arrival”, signifies what it is we are preparing for. And that…


“Call to Joy”

This weekend, we find ourselves gazing at the remaining weeks of Advent through Rose-colored glasses… (well at least rose-colored vestments…used twice a year…in the middle of Lent and Advent). The joyful, rose colored vestments are meant to help symbolize for us (at the “half-way point” of both of these seasons of repentance), the abundant joy…