Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

I am writing this while I am still in Jerusalem on our pilgrimage. In saying Holy Mass each day at one holy site after another, the importance of the Eucharistic presence of Jesus in our lives has been amplified tremendously. At His Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper, Jesus amplified the critical importance of our belief in, and our consumption of…His mystically Transubstantiated Presence in the Eucharist. Jesus clearly conveys that our gaining Eternal Life in Heaven relies squarely upon our acceptance of His continued presence here on earth. The gift of His presence, given expressly for our benefit (if we choose to embrace that belief) until His promised second coming.

 Regarding this great gift of His continued Eucharistic Presence, the Guardian Angel of Portugal urged us, through the   children of Fatima, to pray for God’s pardon, for all of us who fail to “believe, adore and hope in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.” He also told them (and us) to “pray in reparation for all the sacrileges, outrages and indifferences by which Jesus’ Eucharistic Presence is offended.” That particularly struck me…our indifferences towards the Holy Eucharist and Christ’s Real Presence… require reparation. Luke warmness and our indifferences are offensive to our Creator! Lord, help me, let me not be guilty of that.

 With this thought in mind, I am compelled to again mention the initiative we began several months ago to have 24 hour Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration twice monthly with the long term goal of “Parish-wide Perpetual Adoration”. Carol Borz has volunteered to “Captain” this very important ministry, for which I am extremely grateful. She will begin building up a team of “Vice-Captains” who will take on the task of coordinating a team of “Coordinators” to oversee various days and/or various hour- long time segments. If you would like to become involved and help make easy work of this esteemed ministry, please call Carol at 589-8134 or me…or the office at 777-3168, and we will get back with you directly. 

 As mentioned, we have now had for several months, two 24 hour Adoration periods in our new secure Marian Adoration Chapel. And I would like to thank the many (some attending for more than one hour-long period) that made the commitment to give glory to God with a dedicated hour of private prayer. This will be repeated every First Friday…Adoration of the Exposed Corpus Christi…begins immediately after each First Friday 8:30 AM Mass…at 9:00…right through to  the beginning of Mass on the following First Saturday Morning at 9:00. However, as I have shared with you, this is only the beginning, as we build awareness and commitment to the abundant grace and peace that flows out upon those who dedicate a hour, at least once a week…praying before the Real Presence of Jesus. Our parish goal to quickly build a heightened desire by some 336 parishioners to cover (two for each hour) the168 hours in each week. To achieve this goal we need to build a Team of enthusiastic parishioners who fully embrace, and desire, the great graces that will flow down upon them and our parish. We will have a Priest from the Fathers of Mercy, who specializes in helping parishes inaugurate Perpetual Adoration Programs, coming for our Lenten Parish Mission.

 Here is some information regarding this process. How many people are needed to have a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration program in a Parish? There are 168 hours in a week, so, theoretically, all we need is 336 people willing to make one Holy Hour on a weekly basis. Realistically, however, it will be necessary to have more than that 336, in case of illness, vacations or other situations that may arise in order to cover.

 The Importance of Captains and Coordinators: The Pope called upon the laity to be vigilant in seeing that Jesus is known, honored and loved in the Holy Eucharist. The key to the success of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration is lay involvement. What is needed in each Parish are lay persons who want Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration enough to be willing to take the responsibility to make it succeed.

 Definition/Role of a Captain: A Captain accepts overall responsibility for the entire program and he/she is responsible to the Pastor to ensure that all aspects are correctly observed according to Canon Law and the wishes of the Pastor.

 Definition/Role of a Vice-CaptainFour Vice-Captains are selected who are responsible for each of the four time zones:  morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Each Vice-Captain is responsible for the six hours within their time zone. In addition to these responsibilities, the Vice-Captains would stand in as Coordinators, when necessary, in addition to their normal, weekly Holy Hour. The Vice-Captain will assist in all aspects or assume responsibility when necessary.

 Definition/Role of a Coordinator: A Coordinator is a leader who is responsible for one of the 24 hours of the day every day throughout the entire week and ensures that there is one adorer for each hour of the day, every day, throughout the week. He/She makes sure that his/her particular hour is always covered. The main duty of the Coordinator is to continue to inspire and motivate adorers and solicit new adorers. A further responsibility is to find a replacement for an adorer in an emergency     situation. In the event that the Coordinator is unable to obtain a replacement, he/she should cover the hour in question. Each adorer of a specific hour is supplied with the phone numbers of other adorers and the Coordinator.

 Definition/Role of an Assistant Coordinator: Each Coordinator should choose two reliable people who are able to assist whenever the Coordinator goes out of town or cannot be reached to find replacements. The Assistant Coordinator is a back-up person who can be a big help to the Coordinator.

 Team: The Parishioners are divided into 24 teams corresponding to the 24 hours of the day. Each member of a particular team is scheduled for a different day of the week. Each coordinator is in charge of a team made up of those persons scheduled to make their Holy Hour at the same time of the day, so that this specific hour is covered throughout the entire week by at least one member of the team.

 Definition/Role of an Adorer: An Adorer covers a specific hour during the day of the week. In case of illness, or other, every effort must be made to find a replacement before calling the Coordinator. 

It is well to remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You form a link for an endless chain of adorers on behalf of the whole parish. I will provide more information as soon as the “Priest Promoter” who specializes in this start-up process comes and preaches at all the weekend Masses. He will assist the interested lay members with a meeting wherein they select their Captain, Vice Captains, and 24 Coordinators (one for each hour of the day and night), and Assistant Coordinators. In the interim, if you are as enthusiastic about Our Adoration Program as I am, please come by and let me know…or e-mail me.         

              May you be blessed by His presence,fr denis