Our Lady, Queen of Victory, pray for us!

Although you will read this 13 days from now, I am writing this “Corner” reflection on Election Day. I voted pro-life, and I pray that all true Catholics, did the same. I am fully aware that all humans have a free-will and can choose to avoid or be complicit with evil, any time they desire. I know not the Election result, at this moment, as you will when you read this, as it is early afternoon November 8th. However, as I mentioned in last weeks “Corner”, that no matter whether the Pro-Abortion candidate wins or not, the need for every genuine Catholic to remain, or become, active in working and calling for, an end to our Government-sponsored legalized killing of inconvenient American children, is compelling. Remember win or lose…the fight must go on!

 Well, now it is late morning on the 9th and…like almost everybody I have talked to… the prolife party won a stunning victory that seemed to be beyond belief. I like to think it has a great deal to do with the power of prayer, and in particular, the praying of the rosary. Cardinal Raymond Burke challenged all American Catholics, back on December 8th, to subscribe to a ten month pre-election period of  prayer and sacrifice, initially urging Catholics to ‘storm heaven’ with a monthly Rosary and Mass to lift the Church from the current cultural “confusion”.            

I did not watch any of the election night show. Instead I came at 10:00 p.m. to our chapel and made a holy hour, and said a Rosary, petitioning our Blessed Mother to plead with her Son to achieve in this election, what our Lord, Himself, taught us in prayer. “Let thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.  I went to bed early (for me) at 12:30 a.m. and awoke with great apprehension. While doing my exercises I turned on the T.V. and could not believe my eyes. The pro-life Candidate had won, and convincingly so. Our prayers had indeed been answered. I could not help but think that yes, His Will had been asserted. With God, anything is possible. Without Him, nothing is possible. Let us all commit to pray on, with a daily rosary, in thanksgiving for this amazing turn of events that will enable America to unwind the evil cultural tapestry that was being so tightly woven by past (and the current) administrations. Pray for the president-elect, that he will fulfill his life affirming promises and grow in wisdom and compassion. I will be praying my daily rosary for all our elected officials, particularly those who are new to their jobs, that they will all be moved by the Holy Spirit to be concerned, not only with the protection of life at all stages, but with the protection of our religious liberty and rights. Pray that they will also be concerned with the need to heighten our Nation’s focus on morality; a morality that has provided the underpinnings of our being a great Christian Country since its inception; a morality that has formed us to be the most prolific, compassionate, and care-giving nation in the world.

         Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!                                      Our Lady, Queen of Victory, pray for us!

   Yours in Christ, promoting the primacy of life, fr denis 

P.S. As you are aware, I am currently in the Holy Land and have asked the daily Mass attendees for their prayer intentions (that I now have with me) to offer up, on your behalf, at the Mass I will say each day at these most holy sites. You may still submit them, by giving them to the parish secretary, Sara, and she will e-mail them to me to add to the list of those souls who will be remembered.  Peace!