Medical Marijuana?

With the immensity of the Moral Implications inherent in the coming national elections, I have been focused on making it clear, and understood, how those moral issues impact our Catholicity. I hope and pray that I have made it understood and clear, that every Catholic must consider, when they vote, the ominous risk of becoming complicit in an intrinsic evil, should one knowingly choose to support a candidate who boldly admits their embrace of an intrinsically immoral act such as abortion. Many, I know have voted early, which is commendable, and I hold confident hope that you saw fit to vote in accord with our Catholic Faith.

For those who have yet to vote, I want to heighten your awareness of the grave danger of drug addiction for the young people of Florida, that lurks behind the deceptively promoted Proposition 2, on our State ballot. Pope Francis warned us in 2014, relating that “Drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise.” I have said before, I am not a liberal, and I am not a conservative, but you might label me as a moralist… not because of the life I’ve led, but because of my concern for moral principles and problems. I mentioned last week, I would address the propaganda being piled upon Floridians by the CEO of a large Florida law firm, John Morgan, who is rabid about legalizing so-called “Medical Marijuana”. An obvious “insider”, there is a ton of money to be made in the growing, dispensing, and selling of this federally illegal addictive drug. Colorado gives us a model of how it really works and what really transpires. Much money is made, but trouble abounds and undesirables have been attracted to move into the state.

I have mentioned the danger that the expanded access to this “High THC” variant of marijuana will present for our young people. And, I have witnessed first-hand over a half dozen of our parishioner children, who have gone from being socially active, “A” students, with plenty of good friends…to becoming insular, poor to failing students who don’t want to attend school. They no longer hang out with their previous peer group, but now, hang with a few like-minded, rebellious, underachievers, with virtually no ambition. It is so sad to see this take place, and it takes place in perfectly good families. Marijuana is not harmless. It is already widely accessible for our youth and used by a great many high schoolers. How can I know that? I hear it confessed by those young people who naively had bought into the hype that it is harmless, but were finding out that it certainly is not harmless.

Five Former Florida Supreme Court Justices warned Florida citizens that they have read this revised Amendment and have studied its impact. Their warning: “This amendment is still defective and again should be rejected.” The Florida Police Chiefs Association has also urged voters to reject marijuana legalization, stating: “Our top priority is the safety of our citizens and communities, and we believe this amendment may create more problems than it claims it intends to alleviate.” the Florida Family Action organization responded by saying: “Amendment 2 claims to be about legalizing just medical marijuana, but the amendment’s wording amounts to the de-facto legalization of pot in Florida.” 

The real Medical Marijuana, the compassionate, low-THC low hallucinogenic strain, nick-named “Charlotte’s Web”, was already legalized by the State of Florida two years ago with the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014”. It became effective on January 1, 2015, and it allows for access to non-smoked, low-THC marijuana for qualified patients. And now, with that law allowing Medical Marijuana for known children illnesses such as epilepsy, already in place, they are once again, this time deceptively, labeling their push to legalize the use of addictive, high THC, mind-altering “pot”…as “Medical”. Pot is not medicine! The Florida Medical Association has warned voters that “There is nothing medical about this proposal!” 

Two weeks ago on the “60 Minutes” TV show, there was a presentation by a top pediatrician revealing the shockingly high percentage of babies being delivered today with high concentrations of the mind-altering and brain development-inhibiting THC chemical from pot smoking mothers. The doctor confirmed the harm to brain development for regular users. Again the message is…it is not harmless, particularly to anyone under 30, it does inhibit brain development, which normally continues till around 30 years of age. Already being made widely available to our youth, without being legal, Amendment 2 provides a wide-open loophole for broadening access. This amendment does not require a doctor’s prescription, but simply a flimsy “recommendation”. It allows so-called “caregivers” to administer pot without medical training, and it does not limit the number of “patients”, or customers, which hearkens back to the “Pill-Mill” reputation for the City of Jacksonville.

The language used for defining the alleged conditions that will allow one access to the pot deceptively includes “epilepsy” which was the primary condition cited for the low THC variant being legalized in 2014. The conditions for allowing use are vague as they add inclusion of additional alleged conditions of the “same kind, class, or that are comparable to those enumerated.” Lawyers know full well, that opens a “Pandora’s box” to include almost anything. That is why in California, statistics regarding their “medical pot law” indicate that only 3% of those who gained access to the pot actually have “debilitating” conditions like cancer. Let’s not add a greater risk to the brains of our preborn and under 30 young people, legalizing as a medicine…something that is clearly not medicine. Vote “No” on, “2” on the moral grounds cited by Pope   Francis above.             ·

Praying with you for protection of life and mental health,      fr denis