Become Pro-Active

I would again like to thank the large number of our parishioners that patronized the new pro-life movie, “Voiceless”. Your support and patronage allowed it to be extended for an additional week. It presented a powerful message heightening awareness of the horror of abortion for everyone involved and underlined the moral responsibility that applies to every one of us, to refrain from voting for any politician that supports abortion. It’s one thing to claim to be personally in favor of protecting the life of the unborn, and it is quite another to… (as my father used to say): “Put your money where your mouth is”. We all need to stand up and be counted; to speak out in support of the correct moral position regarding all the prevailing moral issues. And… we all need to vote in accord with the teachings of the Church.

Become active and do something positive towards changing pro-death attitudes in your circle of influence, and towards bringing an end to the law that validates the killing of our pre-born (and partially born) American children. We Catholics must do all we possibly can to protect those “Poorest of the Poor”, as Mother Teresa called the defenseless American Children in the Womb…who are being “legally” murdered. There are now over 58 million of them, and still counting. Does that bother you as much as it bothers me? I hope so.

As I mentioned last week, if Catholic Christian voters would have voted in accord with their espoused Catholic faith and adhered to the 6th Commandment of God, “You Shall Not Murder”…that unjust “Roe v. Wade” law, would have been overturned within a year, way back in 1974. Why do I keep bringing this issue up? Because evidently not enough Catholics understand the serious obligation they have, to deny their vote from any pro-abortion politician(s), and to support candidates that will oppose the 43 year-old, intrinsically evil law that has legalized abortion. In just over two weeks, the national election takes place. In the most recent presidential debate, this past week, one Presidential candidate (in accord with the entire Political Party’s platform), not only proclaimed philosophical and financial support for the evil of abortion, but also for the abortion-providing-giant, Planned Parenthood. As if that weren’t enough to convince us…this candidate praised and defended the horrific practice of Partial-Birth abortion and has promised to repeal the Hyde Amendment which currently prohibits the use of U.S. federal funds for abortions.

As a reminder we must recall that it is empirical data that is derived from scientific medical findings…(and not the Church)…that has confirmed, beyond any doubt, that at the very moment of conception, a “child” has begun his or  her life…and is very much a “person“, a beloved child of God. My brothers and sisters, you must (all of us must) …in good conscience…do all you can do…to bring an end this horrific American genocide. And genocide is truly what it is! Our Voting Decision has never been clearer, particularly after this week’s third presidential debate revealed the rabid support by one candidate for the intrinsic evil of abortion. I would ask all Catholics to refer to Question Number 19, in the “Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters”, that you recently received. This is what it states: “A candidate who promotes abortion disqualifies him (or her) from receiving a Catholic Vote.”

So, again, what does “Intrinsic” Evil mean? The adjective “Intrinsic” means that the action is always (without any exception) Evil! There are lot of actions that can be evil in some circumstances, and not evil in other instances. Abortion is not one of them! It is always evil. The death penalty for example, is not an intrinsic evil, but should be avoided whenever that is feasible. I plead for all parishioners to read through the 19 pages of that most helpful moral voting aide that everyone received 3 weeks ago, titled: “A Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters”. If a Catholic vote for a Pro-Abortion Candidate…he becomes an accomplice in that moral Evil… mortally sinning. And, it is not morally permissible to vote for a candidate, who states: “I am personally opposed to abortion”, but still votes in accord with and supports his parties’ pro-abortion platform. That person is either self-delusional or a liar; there’s a lot of that (lying) going around this campaign. No matter how favorable a Pro-Abortion Candidate’s views on other issues like immigration, taxes, or education…it is not morally permissible to vote for that candidate. By so doing, you would be complicit in empowering and supporting their mortally sinful evil. Please read through your “Voter’s Catechism” and share the voting information it provides with other Catholics.

Another “Election head’s up” is given to the return of a state-wide effort to pass a more liberal marijuana Constitutional Amendment. It has been kept on the back pages and is flying under the radar, dubbed as An1endment 2 on the coming ballot. Non-euphoric medical marijuana, nick-named “Charlotte’s Web”, was already approved by the State in 2014. This new effort is to legalize the full strength hallucinogenic drug for a much broader band of conditions and easier access. My concern is…the known negative moral impact that greater availability of this mind-altering drug will have on the youth of Florida, and their families.  Please educate yourself by reading up on the impact this drug has had on auto accidents and crime, in states and cities that have legalized its sale. No wonder a trial lawyer is its biggest promoter.

Come Holy Spirit, enlighten us and guide us!

fr denis