Respect for Life Month

It is October already…hard to believe the year is flying by so quickly.  So much has occurred in the first nine months.  A brand new church—hundreds of new families…and challenges galore going forward.  While it is certainly not quite time for “new year resolutions”, I would like to propose some 4th quarter resolutions for your consideration and all of these have to do with living the Catholic Faith that we espouse and believe, with a renewed vibrancy and vitality.

Let’s begin with this weekend and this coming week.  At all the Masses for this 27th Sunday of Ordinary time, our parish Financial Council President, Michael Creech will provide an overview of our 2015-16 Fiscal Year Financial Report (a copy of which, every parishioner should have received, along with a letter from me, during the past two weeks). Also at each Mass, we will be honoring a Knights of Columbus initiative by praying for the intercession of the Holy Family at the end of Mass, in the presence of a special traveling portrait of the Holy Family, which will be processed into church by our Mary Queen of Heaven Knights.

And now, right in the thick of all the “Culture of Death”, pro-abortion campaign rhetoric, we are celebrating Respect Life Sunday today, which begins this Respect Life Month of October, that is also a month dedicated to our Blessed Mother.  After the annual “Blessing of the Animals”, which begins at 12:30, I am encouraging as many of our parishioner families, moms, dads and kids included, to join me at our hour-long “Life Chain” prayer vigil on Blanding Blvd., just south of Epson Rd. on the west side of Blanding.  Gathering and influencing citizen’s awareness and respect for the life of the un-born by your prayerful presence, has never been more important than right now, preceding this coming Presidential election.  Please join us there.

I will be attending the Annual Diocesan Priest’s Retreat at Marywood beginning on Monday, so there will be no daily Mass this week.  I will drive back early on Friday (which is a First Friday and the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary) and initiate our 24-hour exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 8:30 A.M.  Then after Benediction at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, the K of C will commence their annual “Soccer Challenge” event for the youth of the parish.  At 11:30 A.M. on this same Saturday, we will be holding our invitational New Parishioner Welcome Luncheon.  I hope to greet all of the latest groups of new families who join us for the luncheon.  One another “heads-up” notice I want to give, is that we will have the First Class Relic of St. Padre Pio at our parish which we will display for veneration at set times from the 11th to the 27th of October.  You will hear more on this next week.

On this coming Saturday, October 8th, the New Pro Life Movie “Voiceless” will be showing until the 13th of October.  I highly encourage you and your family to plan ahead and attend this film; and in so doing, become active in the effort to turn-back the Culture of Death that contaminates our country today.  More information on this film is in the bulletin and on posters in the Church narthex.

The term “Pro-Life”, when it comes to assessing personages in this coming election, is an adjective that all Catholics need to fully understand when it comes to having a personal opinion, or stance, regarding the evil of abortion. There is no allowable moral stance that could be voted for, that claims “personal opposition” to abortion, but feels compelled to acquiesce to a party, or constituency.  Any political candidate who is pro-abortion (because abortion is intrinsically evil) disqualifies himself or herself from receiving a Catholic vote.  For a Catholic, it is not morally permissible (without gravely sinning) to support any candidate who supports or promotes abortion.  To vote for such a candidate, you would become an accomplice in the moral evil at issue…in this case the continuing “legalized” murder of the most defenseless, and poorest of the poor.

As you exit Mass today, every voting family member will receive a copy of an excellent and edifying, 19-page booklet entitled: “A Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters”. This valuable resource provides thoroughly approved Catholic responses to 19 questions regarding the moral issues that are swirling in the rhetoric leading up to this election.  Please be mindful that we all, as Catholics, have failed for 43 straight years now, to use our vote to bring about the rescission of legalized pre-born child killing.  The table is not set to do so.  One candidate has expressed rabid support for Planned Parenthood and the evil of abortion.  The other candidate has nor expressed full support of the pro-life platform.  From a moral standpoint, it’s a “no-brainer”.  Let us all pray for a show of solidarity for the poorest of the poor, and make this the year we stay Satan’s hand…and bring an end to our government’s genocide that we have allowed to go unchecked for so long.  St. Theresa of Calcutta, pray for our moral resolve and out Nation.   Yours in Defense of Life.fr denis