“Voting” Your Moral Responsibility

What an action-packed time of year the month of September presents us this year.  We have had… the joy-filled canonization of the most revered saint, St. Teresa of Calcutta; the beginning of football season (high school, college and professional); the start of the school year for every level of education and the tumultuous and highly contentious continuation of our election season (with a plethora of issues at stake that have moral implications).

Since the first three are all underway with no serious concerns (except for Notre Dame’s loss), I once again want to draw our attention to the seriousness of what is at stake in this election season and with that in mind you will be receiving a gift from the Parish, a small booklet with guidance from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) regarding the important role that conscience plays in our voting decisions.  I am praying that everyone takes their moral responsibility to vote (and not to abstain) and do so in accord with teachings of our Faith.  We will discuss more on this in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, please follow closely what the candidates (especially the Presidential ones) are saying and screen them through a moral filter.

Yours in pursuit of a well-formed conscience,

fr denis