Building a Society of Adorers

We are in the process of finishing our St. John Paul II, Totus Tuus Marian Chapel. The Vigil Light that was sent off to have the plating corrected to a true golden finish, complementing our beautiful Tabernacle, will be reinstalled. The Bust of John Paul II, that is being temporarily displayed on a table, and a new Relic Display Case that will contain our First Class and Second Class Relics of Saint Pope John Paul II, will be displayed on special wall-mounted pedestals for our veneration. Two small handrails have been designed and are being constructed for the step-down at the main interior doorway of the chapel. The exterior door mag-lock/keypad security system has been adjusted and is now operational and ready for use.

All of this is preparatory to our primary quest to begin the commitment by our parish faithful to establish a Perpetual Adoration Society. I shared this goal that we have established with Bishop Estevez two weeks ago, and he was quite impressed and encouraged. He related that that had been a goal he had with his first parish as a young priest, and related that we should have patience and grow this to a parish-wide commitment taking it one a step at a time. And that is indeed our plan, as we do need  to have a Committed Society of hour-long worshippers that number (at a bare minimum) 336 parishioners. Therefore, our plan will be to begin with 24 hour Days of Adoration beginning on Friday morning through to Saturday mornings. We will begin with the first and third Fridays of each month, and then we will add additional days as the number of adorers grows.

With this in mind, I am again asking that every parishioner fill out this form. Forms can also be picked up from the Welcome Tables in the Entrance area. Expressing your desire (or your inability) to be involved, will allow us to build this Adorers Society with sincerity and commitment. The process will always allow for times when a participant can not make their time slot due to circumstances.

Let us all pray that the Spirit will move hearts to build this tremendous source of grace and peace into their lives.

Yours in the Risen Lord,

fr denis